Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company
Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company


Supporting our customers through the global pandemic;
helping to build better business for a better world.

At Stibo Systems, our customers – along with our partners and employees – are our highest priority. While each of our customers must react to the outbreak in their own way, depending on variables such as their industry, infrastructure, geographic footprint and regulatory environment, we at Stibo Systems want you to be certain of one thing, we are here to support you as we collectively navigate unprecedented challenge.

Stibo Systems continues to move forward using an established Business Continuity Program that includes plans, procedures, roles, responsibilities and activities to ensure a timely, effective, and orderly response to any disruption of critical business services. To date, the COVID-19 pandemic has not affected our ability to support our customers. Our comprehensive collaboration tools and staffing strategy has enabled us to safely sustain support levels whether our teams are working in an office or remotely.

As a valued customer, this means you can count on the people of Stibo Systems to be:

  • Available to serve your needs. Though our physical offices around the world may be closed following direction from local authorities, our people are all available as usual. We are working remotely without process delays, via secure, reliable infrastructure based on fully-functional ISO 27001 certified, documented contingency and business continuity planning initiatives.
  • Responsive to evolving conditions. Our development team continues to move forward ready to deliver on our objectives and against customer needs. Our entire team stands ready to help customers continue to harness master data to protect the integrity of their business and meet new and existing strategic and operational needs and challenges.
  • Agile, alert and prepared. We are actively monitoring conditions throughout the world on a daily basis and we remain agile, alert and ready to help our customers do the same. We will continually update our plans to enable customer success, while ensuring the safety and security of both our customers and employees, alike.
  • Adherent to local and global safety precautions. We are closely following advice from authorities in communities where we operate and until further notice, we have cancelled non-essential travel and adopted the use of online conferencing and collaboration tools for ongoing interactions. As a purpose-driven, global company, we believe we have a social responsibility to support all efforts intended to contain and end the outbreak.
  • Vigilant, cautious and transparent. We remain on high-alert and will keep customers continuously up-to-date of any and all ongoing changes as they may happen.

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding as we work through this crisis. Again, our customers, partners and employees are our highest priority, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have additional questions.

Best wishes to all as we collectively move forward with a goal of building better business and a better world.

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