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The multi-specialist in the sale of sustainable home improvement products and services has adopted the STEP Master Data Management solution for its multichannel strategy

Paris, 12 January, 2016 — Stibo Systems, the global leader in Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, announces that LAPEYRE, the multi-specialist sustainable home improvement products and services provider for renovation and new construction projects, has deployed Stibo Systems’ STEP solution. This will manage its enriched product information, establishing effective and unique communication for its Internet and intranet sites.

Key points:

  • At a time of mobility and multichannel communication, management of product information plays an essential role in providing an optimal customer experience for LAPEYRE
  • To deliver consistent, detailed and precise data, the company must manage its database and flow of information. LAPEYRE chose to implement STEP, Stibo Systems’ Multidomain Master Data Management platform, because the platform guarantees sustainable, verified and reliable product information for both external and internal systems
  • The recently completed implementation of the STEP platform has facilitated the aggregation of product-rich information originating from different sources with a view to crosschannel publication. This information is enriched and harmonised in order to ensure compatibility with various host systems: an intranet site reserved for employees and an internet site intended for the general public

Quote Philippe Chareyre, PIM Project Manager, LAPEYRE

“The main challenges of our project were to make LAPEYRE's product and service-rich information available to all our customers and sales channels (shops, web, mobile applications, catalogues and promotional brochures) throughout France, Switzerland and the overseas departments, and to manage the enrichment processes in addition to the quality level of this information. To complement the tools currently available, we started by implementing and supplying structures and workflows to manage the product-rich data: assets associated with the products (visuals, logos, icons, technical and regulatory documents, etc) and the web catalogue (product trees aimed at consumers, editorial content, SEO data, etc). This first phase was a prerequisite to overhauling our online and instore sales systems which will use this product information. The second phase will involve integrating the sales and purchase product data into STEP.”

Quote Frédéric Marie, Managing Director, Stibo Systems France

“The quality, enrichment and harmonisation of data is essential to the success of the LAPEYRE's crosschannel program. The STEP platform ensures the coherence of product reference governance-serving Consumer applications.”


Specialising in home improvements (baths, kitchens and carpentry), LAPEYRE is part of the Lapeyre Group, a subsidiary of the Saint-Gobain Group in the building distribution Sector. Today, LAPEYRE has a network of almost 130 sales outlets throughout France and Switzerland. Through them, LAPEYRE offers a wide range of products and services and provides each customer with a tailored response to their planning problems. LAPEYRE also benefits from a unique industrial tool: 11 factories throughout France which manufacture a large proportion of the products sold in its shops and stores. This industrial integration facilitates a process of constant innovation in order to meet the needs of its customers.

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Katherine Hahn 
Public Relations Manager 

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