Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company
Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company

Empowering Data Transparency
with Master Data Management

Accelerate data maturity by providing the accuracy, visibility and clarity needed to drive digital business success.

Turn trusted data into competitive advantage. That’s the power of master data management (MDM).

Data is the lifeblood of business. But as volume and complexity grows, ensuring data accuracy and integrity gets more difficult, contributing to a growing sense of uncertainty and distrust. And when data can’t be trusted, nobody wins.

Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management is built for this challenge. By eliminating silos and barriers to the visibility and flow of trustworthy data, MDM empowers data transparency.

Bringing data together from disparate sources enables businesses to create a single source of truth for essential data, to meet evolving consumer demands for personalized, data-rich experiences.

Delivering data transparency enables businesses, their partners and customers to make confident, informed decisions, and provides the operational and strategic edge they need to win in dynamic markets. That’s the power of master data management.

VIDEO Better Data. Better Business. Better World.

Success in the digital economy means giving customers what they want. One thing they want more of: trustworthy data on product ingredients, origin, environmental impact and more. MDM enables the controlled visibility to deliver it. Ready to start creating a more transparent world?

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Stibo Systems. Better Data. Better Business. Better World.

Optimizing businesses to run better.
Transforming them to drive growth.

Enabling data transparency delivers multiple advantages. Whatever your objectives are, ensuring visibility and access to trustworthy data through MDM makes a powerful impact.

Enhance operational efficiency Enhance operational efficiency

Streamline/automate processes, and improve decision making, productivity, quality and time to market.

Turn compliance into advantage Turn compliance into advantage

Build trust through regulatory/industry compliance, and customer loyalty by adhering to data privacy standards.

Manage and mitigate risk Manage and mitigate risk

Drive accurate decisions with data governance, automate error-prone processes and prevent regulatory violations.

Deliver exceptional experiences Deliver exceptional experiences

Drive personalized omnichannel experiences and enable customers to make confident, trustworthy decisions.

Empower the supply chain Empower the supply chain

Enable visibility, traceability and insight into social responsibility and sustainability practices.

Increase business agility Increase business agility

Respond to evolving markets/needs, quickly onboard products, add channels and manage expansion or M&A.

Accelerate digital transformation Accelerate digital transformation

Fuel innovation initiatives like AI and personalization with high-quality data to drive differentiation, value and ROI.

Start Delivering the Data Transparency Advantage Start Delivering the Data Transparency Advantage
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Create a Window of Transparency, enabling clarity and insight across the enterprise.

Explosive growth in digital commerce has made MDM more central to business success than ever. The ability to fuel engaging, personalized experiences across constantly expanding channels makes MDM ideal for delivering transparency. Stibo Systems MDM enables businesses to create a Window of Transparency, addressing internal needs for greater clarity, visibility and insight to drive informed decisions and enable innovation initiatives like AI. Along with external demands for data to feed customer-centric experiences and brand transparency.

MDM creates a window of transparency
eBook Transforming Business with Master Data Management For Dummies.

Harness the power of data transparency and start making better business decisions using trusted data. Read Transforming Business with Master Data Management For Dummies and learn about using MDM to ensure data is accurate, updated and shareable across the enterprise value chain.

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Transforming Business with Master Data Management For Dummies
TRUSTED DATA DRIVES TRUSTED DECISIONS Enable transparency with an MDM powered Digital Business Hub.

Enterprise data silos pose a major threat to transparency in digital business. Stibo Systems’ multidomain approach to MDM brings these disparate, disconnected data sources together as one.

But integrating data across one or more domains is just the start. Making it visible and available to everyone who needs it – with the level of trust and relationship integrity required to fuel actionable insights and decisions – takes the power of a Digital Business Hub.

Using Stibo Systems’ integrated multidomain platform as a foundation, a Digital Business Hub brings together trustworthy data from disparate systems and sources, including business partners and third-parties, to drive transparency and decisions that set businesses apart.


Learn more about driving transparency and value with master data management.

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