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Multidomain master data management

Connect, manage and share data across systems and processes to maximize the value of your data.
Connect Data with Master Data Management │ Stibo Systems


Eliminate siloed data by aggregating product data, as well as customer, location, supplier and other master data, in a single cloud-native SaaS or on-premises solution for true data transparency.
Manage Data with Master Data Management │ Stibo Systems


Ensure product data quality and governance to increase operational efficiency and agility, as well as gain new insights across other data domains to drive innovation and growth.
Share Data with Master Data Management │ Stibo Systems


Synchronize and syndicate master data across multiple domains and ecosystems to enhance collaboration, accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experiences.
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Take your PIM to the next level with the right master data management solution for your industry

Achieve your sustainability goals with master data management​

Sustainability data should be treated as master data. It sits in different business applications. It comes from a variety of sources.

A master data management solution supports the creation of a single source of trusted sustainability data that is needed to:

  • Evidence your ESG performance
  • Create supply chain transparency
  • Share sustainability data with stakeholders and facilitate ESG reporting
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sustainability data management │ Stibo Systems
Get your copy: Gartner® Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods, 2022

"MDM initiatives continue to progress as a foundational component of digital transformation programs. Leading organizations draw a causal link between their master data (such as parties, products or assets) and the business outcomes it supports, including:

  • Customer/citizen/employee experience
  • Customer retention, cross-sell, upsell
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Risk and regulatory compliance
  • Accurate reporting
  • Time to market"
    (p. 92)
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Gartner® Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods, 2022│ Stibo Systems

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Meet our customers

Meet Our Customers - Royal London uses Stibo Systems Master Data Management Solution
“Moving to Stibo Systems means we now have 95% of our customer data accessible in one place allowing us to respond faster and focus on delivering greater value to our customers.”
Jon Glen, Group Operations Director, Royal London
Global, data-driven companies improve business performance with master data management:

Create a window of transparency

Stibo Systems MDM provides a window of transparency into your business, unlocking the value of data to drive innovation, profitability and growth.
REPORT Stibo Systems recognized as a Champion in Master Data Management

According to Bloor Research’s Master Data Management Market Update, “As businesses mature in their use of MDM, they are typically applying MDM software to multiple business domains. Initiatives that started to deal with customer or product data now frequently extend to supplier, asset, location and reference data, and the relationships between those, so MDM software needs to be able to support customers in this increasingly heterogeneous master data world.”

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Stibo Systems recognized as Champion in Master Data Management 2022 22│ Bloor Research report
What is MDM │  Master Data Management │  Stibo Systems
What is MDM?
We’ve gathered everything you need to know about MDM and how it connects data to create a single record of truth for use across enterprise systems and processes.
People-Centric Support │  Enterprise Master Data Management │  Stibo Systems
People-centric support
With us as your MDM partner, you’ll get market-leading technology and access to a global network of experts and partners invested in your success.
MDM Academy │ Enterprise Master Data Management │  Stibo Systems
MDM Academy
Our MDM Academy offers world-class training and education based on real-life use cases designed to help you deliver true business value and maximize your investment.

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