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Data is the lifeblood of business. But as it continues to grow in scale and complexity, it can become inaccurate and outdated, leading to chaos, uncertainty and distrust.

At Stibo Systems, we’re committed to harnessing the power of data to instill trust by creating transparency. Giving businesses a single, accurate view of their data. And empowering consumers with information they increasingly seek, enabling them to make informed decisions about their purchases, from source to final sale. Watch Video
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Video Leverage the power of trusted data to build a better, more transparent world.

Our world is a complex and chaotic place. Despite the exponential growth of data, answers can be increasingly hard to find. And when truth is questioned, nobody wins.

But not to despair. The coming decade will be a time in which trusted information opens us all – businesses and consumers alike – to new possibilities. A time in which data, and those with the skills and tools to use it, become increasingly valuable and transparent...


Better data. Better business. Better world.

Success in the digital economy requires a transparent approach to master data to know exactly what your customers want, when they want it. Stibo Systems empowers you to deliver it, creating a single, centralized, up-to-date version of the truth to drive better decisions, experiences and outcomes. And powering your ability to address critical initiatives including:

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Digital transformation Digital transformation Accelerate data transparency and change to drive innovation and competitive differentiation
Data Quality Icon Data quality Accurate consistent data fuels trust, confidence and decisions that drive business success
Time To Value Icon Time to value Accelerate your ROI with data driven insights that increase upsell, cross-sell and growth
Customer Centricity Icon Customer centricity Deliver transparent personalized experiences to keep customers happy, engaged and loyal
Improved Compliance Improved compliance Ensure governance and compliance and reduce risk by eliminating error prone processes
Speed-to-market Speed-to-market Launch and onboard products faster and drive collaborative agility across the entire value chain
TRUSTED DATA DRIVES TRUSTED DECISIONS Enable transparency with an MDM powered Digital Business Hub.

Enterprise data silos pose a major threat to transparency in digital business. Stibo Systems’ multidomain approach to MDM enables businesses to bring these disparate, disconnected data sources together as one.

But integrating data across one or more domains is just the start. Making it visible and available to everyone who needs it – with the level of trust and relationship integrity required to fuel actionable insights and decisions – takes the power of a Digital Business Hub.

Using Stibo Systems’ integrated multidomain platform as a foundation, a Digital Business Hub brings together trustworthy data from disparate systems and sources, including business partners and third-parties, to drive transparency and decisions that set businesses apart.


Integrated solutions to empower data transparency, from source to final purchase.

Multiple solutions on a single integrated platform – delivered on-premises or in the cloud – built for your organization’s unique objectives and needs.

TRANSPARENCY STARTS NOW Making data transparency a catalyst for better business for a better world.

Stibo Systems has been focused on breaking down barriers to the visibility and flow of trustworthy data since day one. Today, enabling businesses to instill trust through accurate, accessible, transparent information is not just what we do; it's our purpose and our mission. To learn more about why this is so important to the future of digital business, read our brochure.

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LET’S START CREATING A MORE TRANSPARENT WORLD Empower data transparency through MDM At Stibo Systems, our mission is to create the world’s most versatile master data management solutions, built to enable businesses to optimize their business, environmental and social performance. Connect with us today to start your journey to creating better business and a better world.
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