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Digital Shelf Analytics - CommerceIQ

Integrate with CommerceIQ via PDX for post-syndication Digital Shelf Analytics and Optimization.

Digital Shelf Analytics - CommerceIQ



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Adding CommerceIQ to PDX is designed to assist brands and manufacturers in increasing revenue, enhancing profitability, and improving customer experiences across a range of e-commerce channels, including prominent platforms like Amazon and other online marketplaces.

CommerceIQ delivers enhanced insights to product data syndicated via PIM or PDX to major retailers, content service providers, and data pools.

PDX Syndication channels include: The Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon US, Amazon IT, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, Amazon ES, Amazon CA, Amazon MX, 1WorldSync, Nielsen Brandbank, AAFES, Syndigo, Tradesolutions, BrandQuad, Meijer.

New channels are added on a continuous delivery basis.

CommerceIQ, is a SaaS provider that offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for e-commerce growth and optimization and this solution includes Digital Shelf Optimization, Retail Media Management, and more.

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