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Mason Companies Chooses Stibo Systems Master Data Management Solution To Launch Customer 360 Strategy: 
Multidomain MDM Platform Enables Seamless Integration of Product and Customer Master Data

Atlanta, GA, February 13, 2018 – Stibo Systems, the global leader in Business-first Master Data Management (MDM)™ solutions, today announced that Mason Companies Inc., an Internet and direct mail catalog retailer recognized as one of the world’s largest direct-to-consumer footwear companies, has selected Stibo Systems’ Customer MDM solution as part of Mason’s new Customer 360 strategy. Stibo Systems will provide a central Digital Business Core™ of operational information enabling Mason to maintain consistent customer and product data across multiple brands and websites to enhance the online customer experience (CX).

“The 360-degree view of the customer is important in CX initiatives to ensure that a customer is recognized as they interact with different departments and functions, and that the conversation continues from where it left off. As interactions progress through sales, customer service, logistics and the other functions required to support the full customer journey, the customer feels confident that they are ‘known’ by the organization,” wrote Gartner Research VPs Bill O’Kane and Saul Judah.[1]

The Stibo Systems Customer MDM solution will help Mason drive its Customer 360 strategy by providing a central system of record for customer data (e.g., identifiers, descriptors and groupings)—ensuring a single “golden record” of consistent customer information across nine distinct Mason brands, all feeding data into the MDM solution from multiple websites. This MDM system will provide Mason with a synchronized and holistic view of their customer—improving customer service, enabling customer segmentation for analysis in support of marketing campaigns and delivering insight to reward customer loyalty in conjunction with the online experience.

“Mason initially chose Stibo Systems Product MDM solution several years ago to help us integrate and fuel our various channels and streamline our merchandising efforts, event messaging and digital asset management,” said Adam Stavn, CIO of Mason Companies. “The benefits we’ve derived from that investment, combined with their keen understanding of the rapidly evolving retail space, made it clear that Stibo Systems was the partner of choice for our Customer 360 program. The scalability and performance of Stibo Systems solution was a major factor in our decision as well, with the volume of our customer data expected to reach tens of millions of records.”

Managing both customer and product data on the Stibo Systems multidomain MDM platform will help Mason further eliminate information silos across the company, enabling more intelligent segmentation decisions, such as targeting marketing campaigns based on buying patterns. It will further enable Mason to discover, create and manage relationships in and across each data domain—ensuring the company drives maximum value out of all its data across the enterprise now and into the future.

“Mason’s longstanding commitment to evolve with the marketplace and continuously provide top-notch service to customers is the epitome of the Business-first mindset and has enabled the company to remain in business for more than 100 years,” said Prashant Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Product Strategy, Stibo Systems. “Their dedication to a Customer 360 strategy, bolstered by a continued investment in our flexible and scalable MDM platform, demonstrates that Mason’s commitment to serving its customers remains as strong today as it was at the beginning of the last century.”

[1] Gartner, Inc., Powering Customer Experience With the Trusted 360-Degree View, Bill O'Kane and Saul Judah, May 26, 2015, refreshed September 21, 2016

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