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Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company


Efficiently manage the growing complexity and volumeof your operational and product informationwith master data management.
Data solutions for the end-to-end automotive supply chain

Aftermarket Parts Distributers and Retailers

To get products to market fast in today’s omnichannel environment, product information must be accurate, complete and consistent – both in stores and online.

  • Can you easily adhere to industry data standards such as ACES and PIES?
  • Do you have DAM capabilities that support multiple file formats for ecommerce?
  • Can you manage your own product data with poly-hierarchical capabilities?

Master data management makes it easy to track and maintain growing volumes of parts and product catalog information all within a single view. Learn more.


OEMs and Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturers

With ongoing supply shortages and supply chain disruptions, insight into parts and material availability across the supply chain is critical to success.

  • Do you know where all your parts and materials come from?
  • Can you easily identify alternative channels if there’s a supply delay?
  • Do you have traceability into every part in the event of a recall?

Master data management can provide the data transparency and traceability needed across the supply chain, delivering a line of sight into potential supply risks and revenue opportunities. Learn more.


Drive your data strategy forward with master data management for automotive

From vehicle, customer and parts information to accessory fitment and interchanges, master data management enables you to connect, manage and share data across systems and processes to maximize the value of your operational and product information.
Trusted single source of data Trusted single source of data
Access a single, consistent view of data for products/SKUs, vehicle configurations, part-to-vehicle relations and interchange records.
Easy data sharing Easy data sharing
Systemically validate, process and deliver updated and accurate product attribute data and digital assets to third-party receivers.
Compliance with industry standards Compliance with industry standards
Adhere to data standards for vehicle, equipment and part type definitions, product line structures, application record data and interchanges.
Proven sustainability claims Proven sustainability claims
Access trusted, qualitative and complete master data to show how you and your supply chain partners are reducing environmental impact.
SUCCESS STORY Improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs at Advance Auto Parts

Discover how Advance Auto Parts (AAP) is using Multidomain Master Data Management as the single source for all its product and vendor data and realizing significant results such as:

  • 50% reduction in data entry costs
  • 20% decrease in time spent purchasing and distributing parts
  • 15% improvement in its customers’ buying ability
  • 10% reduction in customer order processing errors and product returns
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