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Master Data Management Solution Enables Faster Searches, Exports, Data Profiling and Simultaneous Onboarding of Multiple Products

ATLANTA, GA, April 26, 2016 – Stibo Systems, the global leader in Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, today announced the immediate availability of STEP Trailblazer 8.0, the latest version of its award-winning master data management solution. STEP version 8.0 includes a new in-memory database component that provides exceptional performance by allowing data to be accessed directly from memory rather than from disk. Additional features include enhanced product onboarding capabilities that enable users to onboard multiple new products directly in the Web UI without the use of Smartsheets and significant improvements and additions to the Web UI feature set.

The demand for technology and processes that enable organizations to master the plethora of information flowing through their business remains high. Stibo Systems’ newest version of STEP Trailblazer addresses this need in a number of ways, including a new in-memory database capability. This significant enhancement allows organizations to achieve much faster data query speeds and delivers significant improvements in the resolution of heavy processes, such as exporting large sets of complex data or handling data objects with multiple references.

Equally compelling is STEP Trailblazer’s ability to provide users with a powerful, editable grid-based view that facilitates the transfer of multiple items while at the same time performing crucial validation checks. This empowers users by giving them the ability to efficiently onboard multiple items, including product families, items and variants directly in the Web UI. With STEP Version 8.0, users can perform immediate validation checks as part of the onboarding process; allow type-specific instantiation into multiple workflows via a single interface; and mass onboard data without requiring workflow integration.

Christophe Marcant, VP of Product Strategy at Stibo Systems commented, “With more businesses undergoing a substantial digital transformation, the need for larger and more complex product and customer data is increasing. Whether accessing data held on-premise or in the Cloud, the in-memory database can improve search speeds of complex data models by up to 100 times, and make exporting data up to three times faster.”

STEP Trailblazer 8.0 also enables users to take advantage of new features and commands supported by GS1’s Global Data synchronization Network™ (GDSN) Major Release 3. GS1 standards use a unique set of identification numbers for products, companies, locations, services, assets, logistics units and customers at any point in the supply chain. The solution supports new schemas and mappings for BMS and 1WorldSync formats; allows the use of complex nested structures; and supports the1WorldSync Hierarchy Withdrawal command. 1WorldSync is the industry leader in global product data management and data pool solutions certified for the GS1 Global Data Standardization Network.

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Stibo Systems is the global leader in Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. Industry leaders rely on Stibo Systems to provide cross-channel consistency by linking product and customer data, suppliers and other organizational assets. This enables businesses to make more effective decisions, improve sales and build shareholder value. During the last 30 years, Stibo Systems has helped hundreds of companies to develop a trusted source of operational information. A privately held subsidiary of the Stibo A/S group, which was originally founded in 1794, Stibo Systems' corporate headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark. For more information, visit

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