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Turn data into a competitive advantage with a
Digital Business Hub built on a proven multidomain MDM platform.
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Make better decisions using trusted data and insights.

No matter your market or customers, you’re in the business of making the best decisions possible. That’s why you need trusted data. Stibo Systems’ Digital Business Hub (DBH) provides the key to delivering trusted data across the enterprise.

Built on Stibo Systems' Multidomain MDM platform, DBH empowers you to connect, govern, enrich and syndicate data wherever and whenever it’s needed. By eliminating silos and integrating data across systems and domains – including third-party resources and value chain partners – DBH delivers the trust and relationship integrity needed to deliver better business insight.

Once in place, your DBH enables better decisions across the enterprise that result in:

  • Improved sourcing and supply chain efficiencies
  • Faster time to market
  • Optimized marketing campaigns
  • Increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Superior customer loyalty

And because no two businesses are alike, you can customize your DBH to adapt to your organization’s unique business objectives. That’s the power of Stibo Systems – enabling you to build a Digital Business Hub that puts Your business first.

Transform your data into an interconnected
Digital Business Hub.

Your DBH enables you to combine the power of Stibo Systems’ scalable Multidomain MDM platform with your data to unearth new insights and design better business processes. Through data integration across one or more domains, with Stibo Systems’ third-party resources and your business partners, you create a single version of the truth to drive innovation and accelerate growth.

With DBH, you can do more with your data.
Connect With DBH-enabled data connections, contextualization of data can occur, enhancing the value of your enterprise systems. You improve transparency with connected data that flows from product ideation to creation, from delivery to sale. Govern Resolve data quality issues and semantic differences caused by multiple sources to ensure timely, accurate and complete data. Monitor data flow from different systems to ensure relationship integrity and enhance your analytics and BI reporting. Collaborate Share and leverage data from siloed sources such as ERP, CRM and ecommerce, as well as with third parties and external partners. You can improve how departments work together using trusted data across systems.
Video Explore the benefits of making your data domains actionable

The way consumers buy is changing rapidly. From today forward, data is how business will be done — regardless of your industry. Stibo Systems’ Digital Business Hub helps turn your data into business value drivers.

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MASTER MULTIPLE DOMAINS WITH A DIGITAL BUSINESS HUB Connect and manage data across domains with a Digital Business Hub In addition to bringing together third-party data and your own business data, your Digital Business Hub can connect, govern, enrich, share and syndicate data from one or many disparate sources including:
Leverage your Digital Business Hub to address essential market trends.
Globalization A solution and strategy that works across the enterprise, capable of addressing both local requirements and multiple languages. Business agility Adapt to evolving market conditions using a solution that scales with your needs, delivered on-premises or in the cloud. Customer experience Combine customer data from different systems into a single golden record to enable personalized experiences. Digital transformation Explore new business initiatives through emerging technologies and by turning master data into an actionable strategic asset. Merchandising Leverage a single source of truth that supports private labeling, dynamic assortments and targeted product branding. Time to value The flexibility and scalability of Multidomain MDM allows new integrations and adding attributes without time consuming reprogramming. Process optimization Data syndication and synchronization ensures the use of quality data for every workflow. Sustainability Facilitate documentation of materials, supplier certifications and recyclability. Compliance Provide data visibility for compliance with industry and trade standards as well as privacy regulations.
LEVERAGE YOUR DBH FROM THE CLOUD Build your Digital Business Hub to meet where you are today, and where you’re going tomorrow

Everyone’s data infrastructure and technology roadmap are unique. Stibo Systems’ MDM solutions are built for your evolving needs, offering the flexibility of both on-premises and cloud-based options. Learn more about MDM delivered at the speed of the cloud.

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