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MDM enables manufacturers to increase speed to market, improve compliance and strengthen end-to-end data processes through high-quality data and automation of data workflows.
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Accelerate your business with master data management.

As a manufacturer, you are met with increasing data requirements. Distributors and consumers demand data consistency and rich product information. Standards and regulations require compliance and the competition forces you to innovate and go faster to market.

With increasing demands to reduce time-to-market, while at the same time keeping up with suppliers, distributors and end users, you can suddenly discover that your growing data is working against you rather than for you.

Without consistent access to clean, up-to-date data, overcoming these challenges becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible. Management of master data is your best chance of meeting those demands and deliver business value.

Stibo Systems' Master Data Management solution helps you integrate information from multiple systems, enrich enterprise data and establish the necessary governance to ultimately deliver accurate and current data across your business.

MDM enables manufacturers to make faster, smarter decisions for everything from product lifecycle management to rolling out new products.

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How MDM enables digital transformation for manufacturers.

Single source of truth

Manufacturing companies can benefit greatly from syndicating and consolidating data across systems in a central repository that grants full visibility and access to a single version of the truth and a high data quality. In doing so, a unified view of both data and processes ensures that changes made anywhere in the process become visible and accessible to everyone.

Single source of truth
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Improve traceability

Having complete visibility, from raw materials and parts to finished product and customer data is critical.

Our Multidomain MDM system offers a single version of the truth via a centralized view of the whole product lifecycle.

Improve traceability
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Reduce time-to-market A single version of the truth enables manufacturers to communicate product information to points of sale quickly and in a coherent way.
Reduce time to market
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Ensure compliance An MDM solution facilitates data governance, including audit trails, reporting and accountability. Enforcing compliance requires a process for managing data quality, data integrity as well as data privacy.
Ensure compliance
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Reduce risks In the event of major issues, such as announcing product recalls or labor concerns, having access to fast and accurate information is critical.
Reduce risks
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Enrich your products Customers today demand personalized experiences across all channels. Multidomain MDM helps you to exceed your customers’ expectations by providing a richness in data that can be served and utilized.
Enrich your products
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Case studies

MDM for Manufacturers

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