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Leverage trusted data to accelerate digital transformation, achieve greater supply chain resilience, reduce data management costs and automate business processes.
ams OSRAM enables manufacturing using best-in-class data management tools

“With the already long term partnership we have with Stibo Systems, we are glad to have a trustworthy partner to support us in our digital transformation journey.”

— Jonathan Escobar, Head of Data Governance & Master Data, ams OSRAM

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Making Sustainability and ESG Work for You In this video series on sustainability data management for manufacturers, we’ll cover some commonly asked questions about ESG, sustainability and how data management can help.
MDM ROI Calculator Put a figure on the return on your data management investment

Data management projects are hard to quantify. There is great financial value to be gained from improving data quality and automating data processes. But how do you estimate it? The ROI Calculator can help you build your business case for master data management.

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How manufacturing companies benefit from trusted data
Business opportunities depending on master data management
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Digital transformation
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Risk mitigation & compliance
supply chain resilience
Supply chain resilience
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ESG goals

Benefits of Better Master Data Management for Manufacturing Companies Read about 10 opportunities that make master data management indispensable for top tier manufacturers today, including digital transformation, supply chain agility and industry 4.0. Get the Industry Sheet
The Essential Guide to Manufacturing Data Improving operational efficiency and achieving digital transformation in manufacturing starts with data management. Learn how to get more value from existing and newly acquired systems and make the most of your manufacturing data. Get the White Paper
How Master Data Management Delivers ROI for Manufacturing  Learn how to reduce the manual effort, automate to reduce risk, merge data into a single source of truth and retire legacy IT.  Watch the Video 
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Customer references you can trust

Manufacturers across the world choose Stibo Systems Master Data Management
Hilti Hilti reduces load time of product data by 95% to drive operational efficiency and empower their sales model
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Klein Klein Tools, a manufacturer of hand tools, adds product data syndication to PIM to manage the flow of data, speed time to market and deliver a superior experience with its retail partner.
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SWMW SGMW, a General Motors joint venture, uses Multidomain Master Data Management to gain visibility and streamline its business processes.
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The trusted name in master data management

For seamless integration across systems and processes, connect your data with our open API and 100+ connectors to partners like Azure, SAP, Amazon, PowerBI, Qlik, Oracle and 1worldsync.
Our master data management SaaS solutions are built with scalable, cloud-native technology, providing you with a more affordable and reliable way to optimize your most critical data.
Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management ensures unified governance across all data domains. Using common technology, the platform creates and manages new zones of insight to support data-driven decision making.


Let's talk about how master data management can bring data transparency to your business with an easy and scalable solution.
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