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Increase speed to market, improve compliance and strengthen end-to-end processes through high-quality data, automated workflows and governance.
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Drive efficiency, agility and innovation to accelerate your business with master data management.

Manufacturers today are met with constantly increasing data requirements. Distributors, retail partners and customers demand data consistency and rich, transparent product information and content. Standards and regulations require compliance and competition demands innovation and faster speed to market.

Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management empowers manufacturers to meet these challenges by integrating information from multiple systems, enriching enterprise data and establishing strong governance to deliver and share accurate, current data across the business and value chain.


Discover what Multidomain MDM can do
for manufacturing driven businesses and brands.

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Enable digital transformation in manufacturing with an innovative approach to managing master data.

On-premises or in the cloud, Stibo Systems MDM provides a single, scalable solution to drive digital transformation and address complex, evolving challenges, enabling manufacturers to:

Create a single source of truth

Manufacturers can drive significant value from bringing together data across systems in a central repository that grants full visibility and access to a single version of the truth of high-quality data. A unified view of both data and processes ensures that changes made anywhere in the process become visible and accessible to everyone.

Single source of truth for manufacturers with master data management for manufacturing
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Deliver transparency and traceability

Enabling complete visibility into data, from raw materials and parts to finished products and customers is critical. Stibo Systems MDM delivers on this need by providing a centralized view of data across the product lifecycle, providing manufacturers real-time access and insights that enable superior product experiences. This empowers users to track all business-critical operations, and to provide controlled transparency into accurate, in-depth information for partners and customers, alike.

Improve traceability with master data management for manufacturing
Accelerate time-to-market

MDM enables manufacturers to share and syndicate product information and content with agility and efficiency, and to keep it accurate and updated across the value chain. This improves their ability to deliver consistent product information across all channels, from factory to point of sale, in order to and meet customer expectations and comply with evolving regulatory needs.

Reduce time to market with master data management for manufacturing
Ensure compliance

Enforcing compliance requires a process for managing data quality and integrity, as well as data privacy. Along with a rigorous approach to data governance, including audit trails, reporting and accountability.

Stibo Systems MDM provides the infrastructure, tools and processes to enable governance of business-critical information scattered across diverse and often siloed systems and applications. Using a single data repository, automated data streams and logical workflows enable manufacturers to stay in control of compliance demands, turning compliance into a differentiating strategic advantage.

Ensure compliance with master data management for manufacturing
Manage and mitigate

MDM enables manufacturers to reduce risk by proactively preparing for unexpected events, such as a product recall or labor dispute, at which time rapid access to accurate information from across the enterprise ecosystem is essential. The ability to link data across product, supplier, locations and certifications makes MDM ideal for such situations. Ensuring full, seamless traceability for all core business data, along with the ability to manage and update it across all channels to limit impact on brand and customer loyalty, is another critical benefit.

Reduce risks in manufacturing with master data management
Deliver enhanced experiences

Customers across all industries demand superior, personalized experiences across all channels. Multidomain MDM gives brand owners the ability to exceed their expectations by providing rich data and content to address their unique requirements, interests and needs. This includes the ability to link data with digital assets to provide highly personalized content and deliver accurate and relevant information localized for every market need.

Enrich your products with master data management for manufacturing
On-demand webinar Leveraging PIM with Product Data Syndication to Master Channel Content for Sales Success - Featuring Forrester

Join Stibo Systems and guest speaker, George Lawrie, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, for a discussion about leveraging PIM, with integrated product data syndication, to master channel content for sales success. 

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PRODUCT DATA SYNDICATION Share accurate, updated product information with all retail partners with PDX Syndication.

To succeed in a digital environment, manufacturers and brands need to provide complete, accurate, up-to-date product data and content that meets the unique standards and requirements of all retail partners and channels. PDX Syndication, Stibo Systems’ dedicated product data syndication solution, empowers them to deliver it.

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Data-driven companies gain multiple advantages with MDM.

Enhance operational efficiency Enhance operational efficiency

Streamline and automate business processes, make more informed decisions, reduce costs and improve productivity, product quality and time to market.

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Empower the supply chain Empower the supply chain

Enable visibility and traceability across systems, suppliers, ecosystems and channels, as well as insight into corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

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Accelerate digital transformation Accelerate digital transformation

Fuel AI, IoT and real-time personalization initiatives with the high-quality data they demand. Drive brand differentiation and deliver greater value, success and ROI.

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Increase business agility Increase business agility

Proactively pivot or adapt to evolving markets or customer needs. Respond to challenges, quickly onboard products, add channels and manage expansion and M&A.

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Unlock the power of information through better data management.

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LET’S START CREATING A MORE TRANSPARENT WORLD Empower data transparency through MDM At Stibo Systems, our mission is to create the world’s most versatile master data management solutions, built to enable businesses to optimize their business, environmental and social performance. Connect with us today to start your journey to creating better business and a better world.
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