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Leader in the Brazilian retail pharmacy market, RaiaDrogasil will rely on the expertise of Stibo Systems to create a structured product catalog that allows customization at scale

Aarhus, Denmark, June 15, 2023 – Leading global master data management (MDM) solution provider Stibo Systems signed a partnership in early May with pharmacy chain RaiaDrogasil (RD), formed by Droga Raia and Drogasil. With more than 2,700 pharmacies in all Brazilian states, RD will rely on the expertise of the Danish company to create a structured product catalog, which allows customization at scale and adequate management. Thus, the company will be able to have the right information about the product in the right places and at the right time with the management of product master data made by Stibo Systems. 

In order to speed up the process of updating catalogs and avoid the emergence of different information between the channels of the chain, Stibo Systems will develop a project focused on Product Information management (PIM), ensuring the management of all data referring to each product sold by RD. 

Within its portfolio of international customers, Stibo Systems has key names in the pharmaceutical industry. With RD, the company now begins its work in the Brazilian pharmaceutical retail segment. 

“We are happy to be able to work with RD,” said Rodrigo Boschetti, head of retail at Stibo Systems in Brazil. “With our digitization of processes and expertise in data management, RD will play its role as an industry leader even more efficiently and securely for its customers.”

“We believe that Stibo Systems' solution will bring a lot of efficiency, accuracy and scalability to the product management process,” said .” Juliana Lopes, Executive Director at Raia Drogasil. “Above all, it will allow us to deliver a better customer experience, responding to the growing demands of our online and offline channels.” 

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Stibo Systems, the master data management company, is the trusted enabler of data transparency. Our solutions are the driving force behind forward-thinking companies around the world that have unlocked the strategic value of their master data. We empower them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth and create an essential foundation for digital transformation. This gives them the transparency they require and desire – a single, accurate view of their master data – so they can make informed decisions and achieve goals of scale, scope and ambition. Stibo Systems is a privately held subsidiary of Stibo Software Group, founded in 1794, and is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. More at

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