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FLYERALARM deploys STEP as part of PIM strategy

Aarhus, Denmark, 15 December 2015 – Founded in 2002, FLYERALARM is one of Europe’s leading online printing firms. From flyers and invitations to posters and brochures, the success of the company depends on delivering high-quality, standardised print products. Every day, 15,000 packages are dispatched from FLYERALARM’s production sites located all across Germany. Although it’s always worked hard to be a user-friendly business, FLYERALARM is now going one step further by moving to an MDM system that will make its processes even more efficient and offer its customers even more innovative added value. This change will let the company achieve its target growth while also managing all of its data effectively.

Stibo Systems, one of the world’s leading providers of Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, will roll out the PIM/MDM solution STEP at FLYERALARM in collaboration with implementation partner Poet. SAP Retail will be introduced at the same time. Linking up these two systems will ensure that FLYERALARM’s expansion strategy will be supported by high-quality data and all processes.

The challenges for Product Information Management and Media Asset Management:

  • The STEP implementation will drive FLYERALARM’s international expansion at a rapid rate by supporting multiple languages and differing local currencies as it supplies consistent data management.
  • More cost-effective translation and data production processes will increase efficiency.
  • A high degree of reusability in granular product information will accelerate product generation.
  • Problems with content generation and production will be resolved.

Stefan Constantin, CTO, FLYERALARM

“Our existing channels are undergoing a transformation. We want our platform to keep us one step ahead, so that we can continue to improve our customer experience. Product data should be subject to comprehensive review, as it plays a key strategic role in online printing. We’re certain that Stibo Systems is the right partner for this task and that we’ll soon benefit from the expertise of these MDM specialists. In this way, we can make our hugely diverse product portfolio even more accessible to our customers.”

Manfred Heckt, Managing Director, Stibo Systems GmbH 

“Based on our years of experience, we know how efficiently our cross-site and cross-department platform can support companies’ digital transformation. Our shared objective is to allow product data to be captured as early as possible, which reduces dependencies in the publication process and accelerates that process. In the future, FLYERALARM will benefit from a single, reliable data source, which will allow it to press ahead with its expansion with even more energy.”


FLYERALARM is Europe’s largest online printing company in the B2B sector and one of the biggest ecommerce firms in Germany. Since 2002, the Würzburg-based printing specialists have shown just how smart ordering print products can be. Founded by Thorsten Fischer, FLYERALARM has revolutionised the printing industry with its batch printing process. Today, FLYERALARM has around 2,000 employees and made more than €300 million in revenues in 2014. Thorsten Fischer and Tanja Hammerl head up the executive board at FLYERALARM. Although it has seen rapid growth, the company has retained its start-up spirit and this innovative ‘can-do’ attitude shapes the firm’s culture, leading to success in a number of innovative sectors. FLYERALARM is now on the road to becoming a full-range service provider – not only for print products but also for all kinds of marketing services and materials. The company’s online shop ( has a range of more than three million products, from traditional print products and advertising technology for business customers to promotional items and even clothing.

Printing is integral to FLYERALARM. Its products are manufactured at several different printing facilities across Germany, using state-of-the-art technology. The company relies on well-trained staff, professional infrastructure and a high level of technical expertise. FLYERALARM currently prints in six locations: Würzburg (two sites), Greußenheim and Marktheidenfeld (both in the Würzburg region); and in Klipphausen and Kesselsdorf in Saxony. FLYERALARM uses only the very latest, resource-efficient printing technology and is a pioneer in this field. Its batch printing process allows a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 70%.

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