Publishing your data and digital assets across online and offline channels is now a necessity for proper omnichannel brand management. Yet you need to accommodate this shift while still maintaining compliance regarding sourcing, ingredients, labeling and packaging.

Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management solution, STEP, helps you address these needs to improve profitability, performance and more effectively manage your global brands.

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Streamline product introductions

Manage your complete product lifecycle, from concept to physical good creation, and place your products on shelves more quickly than your competitors. STEP helps you:

  • Create and on-board products rapidly through user-friendly automation
  • Build streamlined processes to ensure data consistency and accuracy
  • Syndicate your product information quickly to GDSN, retailer and ecommerce channels

Improve supplier collaboration

Acquiring product information from suppliers and delivering it quickly and accurately to multiple business systems can be time-consuming and error-prone. STEP has user-friendly tools that:

  • Allow suppliers to easily add and update structured product data
  • Boost regulatory compliance and reduce costs


Reduce product recalls

With a single view of your product, supplier and distributor information, you will be well equipped to track your products from their ingredient origins until the time they hit the shelf.

  • Improve supply chain transparency and product traceability
  • Remain proactive with regulatory policies such as FSMA
  • Catch problems before they impact consumers
  • React quickly to recalls to improve brand management


Drive customer loyalty

Today’s consumers demand a seamless experience regardless of how or where they interact with your brand. With one version of the truth for all of your product, nutrition, recipe and ingredient data, you’ll easily synchronize each of your internal and external systems, helping to take omnichannel from concept to operational reality. STEP provides:

  • Seamless support for GMA’s SmartLabel initiative
  • Direct to consumer interaction through owned websites and social channels

Master ingredient, recipe and nutrition data

Managing ingredient, raw material, recipe and nutrition information about your products is important for creating transparency in your processes and keeping your customers safe. STEP allows you to manage the most granular details of this critical data and easily publish it to customer-facing channels.


Benefit from a single platform

STEP is the only Master Data Management solution that supports multiple data domains on a single technology platform. Increase the value of your centralized product data by combining it with other key business information such as Customer, Supplier, Employee or Location data.

Track and manage your products throughout their life: SpirePLM™

Ensuring that your products remain compliant while also handling complex and detailed requirements requires accurate product management throughout your products’ lifetime. SpirePLM is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that provides flexible data models that adapt to your specific needs so you can efficiently develop and launch your products while also delivering full traceability to maintain regulatory compliance.


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Learn how to consistently publish accurate product information, labeling data and digital assets

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