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Our partner ecosystem is home to some of the most experienced organizations in the data management industry – all dedicated to helping companies maximize their most valuable data assets.

We offer our partners a value-based program that fits your business strategy.

Our Global Partner Program supports four partnership types: advisory and technology partners and two tiered partnership types (consulting and alliance partners).

Organizations that consider digital transformation to be crucial for their business outcomes choose our partners because of their commercial and technical knowledge and ability to deliver superior value.

Our partner network is global.

Three partnership types to select from.
Consulting Partners (deliver) Consulting partners are certified by Stibo Systems as system integrators to ensure projects are successfully implemented and ensure that business objectives are met through industry knowledge, best practices and data governance management. Alliance Partners (sell with) Alliance partners are deeply knowledgeable consulting partners who join Stibo Systems in going to market to provide the best expertise for the customer. Reseller Partners (sell through) Reseller partners are experienced consulting partners who are able to effectively and independently resell packaged solutions from Stibo Systems for mid-market customers.
Consulting Partners

The Stibo Systems ecosystem of partners offers customers the broadest possible palette of solutions and provides partners a global reach, serving customers across the world.

Our partners are highly experienced and market leaders in their fields. Consulting partners provide the backbone of system integration to ensure that projects are successfully implemented. They ensure that the business objectives of the project are met through the application of industry knowledge, software implementation best practices and data governance management.

Based on their complete offering and capabilities, Stibo Systems’ partners are categorized according to one of the four partner levels.

Depending on partner level, partners have access to Stibo Systems’ technology, they are included in shared marketing programs and conferences,and they receive technical as well as commercial enablement in our MDM platform to make their practice even more relevant and appealing.

Alliance Partners

The Stibo Systems’ Alliance partners help customers with advice and strategies to achieve the best master data management solution. Alliance partners possess deep knowledge into use cases and the challenges of specific industries. They are experienced in mapping master data management against business goals in order to optimize the positive business outcome of our customers’ MDM investment.

Due to their regional foundations, Alliance partners can provide assistance in local language and exceptional insight into local business trends regarding MDM solutions.

We offer to our Alliance partners sales training and courses – a combination of product insight and go-to-market strategies. Partners can benefit from a broad range of marketing support, an exclusive access to a partner portal for first-hand information on business trends, invitations to partner summits, free-of-charge webinars for partners only and access to Stibo Systems’ annual customer conference.


Reseller Partners

Reseller partners help meet the market demands for Stibo Systems’ software and solutions in specific industries and customer segments. Reseller partners
independently derive incremental opportunities by providing their own consulting services along with the approved resale of Stibo Systems software. The
reseller partnership extends the alliance partnership. Reseller partners meet the same high standards in the areas of market knowledge, vision, integrity and
customer satisfaction as Stibo Systems sets for itself. Our three-tier program enables, rewards and supports you as a partner in your go-to-market engagement with
Stibo Systems.

Program benefits and requirements are tailored to the partner tiers. The tiered partnerships encompass partners that are deeply involved in securing end-customers’ success with Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, solutions and services. The tiers are an integral part of our value-based program, encouraging partners to demonstrate their capabilities.

Authorized Partnerships


Advisory partners contribute with advisory services to customers who seek the best MDM setup for their business. We make all necessary knowledge available to ensure you are kept up-to-date on the latest development of Stibo Systems’ MDM solutions.


Technology partners

Technology partners play a critical part in our partner ecosystem, optimizing and integrating their solutions to provide a seamless integration of the Stibo Systems MDM platform into customers’ existing IT-setup. The complementary solutions enable a smoother transition into optimized master data management.

LET’S START CREATING A MORE TRANSPARENT WORLD Empower data transparency through MDM At Stibo Systems, our mission is to create the world’s most versatile master data management solutions, built to enable businesses to optimize their business, environmental and social performance. Connect with us today to start your journey to creating better business and a better world.
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