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Synchronize digital and physical channels, accelerate time-to-market and increase upsell and cross-sell conversions with master data management.

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Master Data Management for Retail

Bring order to your data to reduce risks and create personalized customer experiences.

Today’s tech-savvy customer demands exceptional retail experiences, whether shopping online, in-store or from their mobile device. This means retailers, wholesalers and department stores around the globe must adapt to a customer-first mindset.

To give customers the personalization they demand, you need reliable data and a single, unified view of the customer.

Without it, you run the risk of fragmented records that create an inaccurate or duplicate view, and worse, alienate your buyers.

Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management (MDM) solution is built for retailers and helps you achieve strategic outcomes by creating a central repository of clean, accurate and consistent operational data about your products, customers, suppliers and more.

Discover what master data management can do
for your retail business.

PIM for Retail Superior retail experiences depend on high-quality data. Learn more about the product information management solution built for a market where the new flagship store is digital. Get the Solution Sheet
Exceeding Expectations at Retail: Powering Personalization Through Data Quality Two thirds of consumers associate personalization with a more positive retailer relationship. Learn how master data management can help you drive it. Get the Infographic
Product Data Syndication with Product MDM and PIM for Retail Drive retail growth by efficiently managing product data/content onboarding with PDS and Product MDM or PIM for Retail, ensuring they meet your unique retail data standards and requirements. Get the Solution Sheet
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Solving the Customer Loyalty Challenge
with Customer MDM.

Loyalty has become a complex, multifaceted paradigm in the new world of omnichannel commerce. What does it mean to the consumer and what are the factors driving it? How does data empower loyalty and how does master data management support it? Watch the webinar to understand more about solving the customer loyalty challenge.

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Webinar - Solving the Customer Loyalty Challenge with Customer MDM

Digital transformation initiatives based on master data management for retail.

Drive personalization with master data management for retail Drive personalization MDM delivers reliable customer data
that tells you exactly who you’re targeting
in your marketing
Eliminate data silos with master data management for retail Eliminate data silos MDM generates a reliable data foundation for improving CRM, ERP, marketing automation and other essential business systems 
Accelerate time-to-market with master data management for retail Accelerate time-to-market MDM helps you onboard new products
through user-friendly automation
and streamlined processes
Reduce risk with master data management for retail Reduce risk MDM ensures you understand customer identities and know how personal data is collected and used

What our customers have to say:

Master data management
delivers end-to-end benefits to retailers.

Synchronized digital and physical channels

Today’s consumers want a consistent, smooth experience, whether they’re browsing your ecommerce site, shopping in-store or contacting your customer service representatives.

Synchronized digital and physical channels with master data management for retail
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End-to-end product lifecycle management

With constantly changing customer tastes and increased pressures to take products to market faster, efficiently managing products from ideation to commercialization is critical. Product lifecycle management (PLM) complements your MDM implementation and enhances the way you design, develop and launch your private label offerings. With the PLM solution you can:

  • Adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands
  • Streamline your supply chain processes
  • Execute more effectively and accurately
  • Minimize errors and delays
  • Accelerate time-to-market
End-to-end product lifecycle management in retail
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WHITE PAPER How financial services are integral to developing the next generation of customer experience in retail.

The market for alternative financial service providers - i.e., not traditional banks and insurance companies - is expanding. Now is the right time for retailers to develop opportunities to engage with their customers by building their own financial products and services.

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how financial services are integral to developing the next generation of customer experience in retail

Data-driven companies gain multiple advantages with MDM.

Enhance operational efficiency Enhance operational efficiency

Streamline and automate business processes, make more informed decisions, reduce costs and improve productivity, product quality and time to market.

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Turn compliance into advantage Turn compliance into advantage

Build trust with suppliers and partners through regulatory and industry compliance, and customer loyalty via adherence to data privacy standards.

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Deliver exceptional experiences Deliver exceptional experiences

Drive personalized customer and product experiences across markets and channels, and enable customers and partners to make confident choices and decisions.

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Manage and mitigate risk Manage and mitigate risk

Ensure data for critical decisions is accurate and updated via data governance, automate error-prone manual processes and guard against costly regulatory violations.

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Success Stories

Unlock the power of information through better data management.

office depot uses master data management for retail The business supplies and services provider slashed time-to-market and input errors by implementing an MDM solution. Read the Success Story oriental trading company uses master data management for retail Oriental Trading Company is the largest U.S. direct retailer of party supplies, arts and crafts, toys and novelties, as well as school supplies and affordable home décor and giftware. Read the Success Story Marks & Spencer - master data management for retail A single, well-managed source of data and increased automation have resulted in a system with reduced input errors. Read the Success Story
LET’S START CREATING A MORE TRANSPARENT WORLD Empower data transparency through MDM At Stibo Systems, our mission is to create the world’s most versatile master data management solutions, built to enable businesses to optimize their business, environmental and social performance. Connect with us today to start your journey to creating better business and a better world.
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