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Aarhus, Denmark, March 28, 2024 – Samsung C&T Corporation’s Engineering & Construction Group, the leading South Korean construction and engineering company, has chosen global master data management (MDM) solutions provider Stibo Systems to enhance their customer experience and maximize the value of their business investments.

An innovative and global company, Samsung C&T is actively delivering value to customers around the world by building on a wealth of technical expertise in buildings, civil infrastructure, power plants and housing. While choosing an MDM solution, the company’s priorities included centralizing material data management to integrate data and processes of all the engineering, procurement and construction systems across the company. Samsung C&T also sought enhancement operations through MDM specific to the construction and engineering industries, as well as boost the accuracy of their project cost estimation for sales to maximize revenue and profitability.

“Stibo Systems STEP Product MDM will give us a solid data foundation to support our digital transformation in the construction industry especially, as well as engineering,” said Hyunsook Kim, Project Manager at Samsung C&T. “Standardizing our master data will help us better manage our construction projects and get faster, more accurate project cost estimation based on history data.”

Differentiators that made Samsung C&T select Stibo Systems include:

  • Flexible data modeling to hold construction and engineering industry-specific master data
  • Centralized data handling process based on configurable workflow
  • Cross domain insight through reference data model
  • Well-governed data based on configurable business rule
  • Ease of data interface implementation through event handling and configurable integration end points

“Stibo Systems MDM creates opportunities for Samsung C&T to elevate its customer experience by understanding their clients in the construction and engineering sectors better than ever before,” said Adrian Carr, Stibo Systems CEO. “We look forward to being a part of that journey as they continue to innovate, always with the businesses they serve as the central focus.”

About Stibo Systems
Stibo Systems, the master data management company, is the trusted enabler of data transparency. Our solutions are the driving force behind forward-thinking companies around the world that have unlocked the strategic value of their master data. We empower them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth and create an essential foundation for digital transformation. This gives them the transparency they require and desire – a single, accurate view of their master data – so they can make informed decisions and achieve goals of scale, scope and ambition. Stibo Systems is a privately held subsidiary of Stibo Software Group, which is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. The foundational ownership guarantees the long-term perspective of the business. More at

About Samsung C&T’s E&C Group
Over the past half-century, Samsung C&T’s E&C Group has worked diligently to deliver the best value- added services to our clients by utilizing our top-tier talent and technical expertise in diverse fields such as architecture, civil engineering, plant and housing business. More at

For more information, please contact:                 
Katherine Hahn 
Public Relations Manager


For more information, please contact: 
Katherine Hahn 
Public Relations Manager 

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