Master Data Management Built For

Financial Services

Elevate business beyond expectations by achieving complete compliance and delivering personalized experiences in-branch and online.
Master Data Management Built For Financial Services
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Connect products and services with customer demands and market insights to thrive in the digital era.

Most financial services firms offer more than one product or service. As the business evolves, customers expect recommendations on what they should add to their banking portfolio along with relevant offers and personalized support.

With master data management (MDM), financial services firms gain a centralized data hub that combines data from multiple sources. It creates a seamless experience for managing data and transforms data into actionable insights.

Firms can improve existing customer relationships and leverage data insights to drive new business. With duplicate records removed from databases and customer data validated, firms increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Moreover, they can stay a step ahead of ever-evolving regulatory requirements – such as the Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC and the USA Patriot Act – and enforce governance compliance using accurate data.

Leverage MDM to gain better insight into your customers and deliver an exceptional experience.

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of financial services companies using MDM are more satisfied with the quality and trustworthiness of their data.
Aberdeen research study for Stibo Systems

Launch new digital business models and accelerate the growth of existing business.

Infuse customer centricity

Financial service companies need a clear understanding of their prospects and customers in the digital age. 

Infuse customer-centricity
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Bolster compliance

Remove the complexity of regulatory compliance using a single source of truth.

Bolster compliance
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Unify operations Track products throughout the lifecycle and improve traceability with a single view.
Unify operations
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Accelerate time-to-market Exchange information faster with value chain partners to speed the delivery of new products.
Accelerate time to market
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