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Aarhus, Denmark, December 12, 2019 - Stibo Systems, the only master data management (MDM) company focused on putting Your business first, has introduced the latest version of its industry-leading integrated suite of Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.

The MDM release 9.3 from Stibo Systems will help enhance the quality and value of its customers' master data, giving them the transparency they require and desire - a single, accurate view of their master data, across domains such as product, customer and supplier data, and easily syndicated to the platforms where it creates value. With this new release, Stibo Systems is keeping its promise to adapt and innovate its software to meet its customers' unique needs as they grow and evolve, delivering on the MDM company's objective to create a more transparent world.

“As we continue on our Business-first journey of delivering best-in-class enterprise software, we are pleased to announce our Master Data Management Release 9.3,” says Prashant Bhatia, Stibo Systems CPMO. “We constantly want to be able to offer our customers the best solutions across our product lines, and we're proud to once again offer the latest innovation, aimed at creating further business value and transparency for our customers.”

Significant enhancements added across product lines

All product lines as well as Stibo Systems' technology platform STEP are as of today available in the 9.3 edition. Here's a high-level overview of some the most significant enhancements:

STEP, the Stibo Systems technology platform 9.3
The STEP 9.3 release contains improvements to APIs, leading to better access to data and more control of import situations, as well as support for the Cassandra database for beta customers in Stibo Systems' SaaS environment.

Product Master Data Management/PMDM 9.3
The 9.3 PMDM release, among other things, brings great new capabilities to the User Experience such as a faceted search experience, improved workflow rules, actionable error messages and extended excel export capabilities, all aimed at improving users' efficiency and the data quality.

Customer Master Data Management/CMDM 9.3
The 9.3 product line release of Stibo Systems Customer Master Data Management solution comes with a number of improvements, for instance more support for centralized CMDM use cases for specifically consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing and distribution companies. It also offers data quality improvements focused on survivorship rules, improving the creation and delivery of a trusted single version of the truth.

Product Lifecycle Management/ PLM 9.3
PLM 9.3 delivers valuable enhancements that further advance the Private Label Food solution to serve the unique needs of brand owners, grocers and merchandisers. One new feature is the ability to transform a PLM project into a sellable item, saving users time and efforts. Now customers can consolidate and transform relevant information from the PLM Private Label Food project and make an item available for teams to prepare to sell into one or more channels. Customers can transform supplier recipes into their own recipe library, create ingredient lists, nutrition, allergy and other information into suitable formats, directly for publishing or syndicating.

Product Data Syndication/PDS 9.3
Stibo Systems' PDS 9.3 offers users several enhancements, including the addition of seven new Amazon channels, enabling syndication to Amazon in Europe, Mexico and Canada. It also comes with extended functionality of Vendor Managed Channels (VMC) to include multiple new features including the ability to build VMC in any language, the ability to define categories within a VMC along with category specific attributes and the ability to build one template but send it to multiple receivers with individualized delivery methods for each receiver. Last but not least, PDS 9.3 offers seamless connection to Stibo Systems' PMDM, using single sign on.

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