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New types of subscriber requirements and innovative business models are the products of a 5G, edge-connected world. Agility in data management is required to keep pace with this change.

Five trends in telecom rely on the transparency of master data.
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Master data management at the edge -
Keeping your telecom business connected to your customers.

The pace of evolution in the telecom industry has forced IT to make many tactical decisions. This has left in its wake, complex technical infrastructures and data silos with ill-defined owners.

The world runs on data. And data can no longer hide behind applications. Data management needs a new data culture to keep pace with the business transformation requirements of your subscribers.


Edge computing and 5G technologies are fueling the consumer’s appetite for new types of products and services.

Bringing to market products and services that are more relevant to subscribers in a timely way is key to reducing customer churn. To achieve this, equipment manufacturers and service providers need to define and communicate product and service information more quickly and in a coherent way.

The telecommunication industry’s legacy platforms for product definition suffer from a number of fundamental deficiencies:

  • They are not designed to handle the growth in the number and types of products
  • They are not capable of handling the frequency at which they need to be revised and released due to competitive pressures
  • They are not able to cater for growing demands from subscribers for product personalization and managing consent for usage of their personal data

The sheer volume and variety of information needed to support today’s complex offerings has surpassed the existing capabilities of many telecom operators.

The telecom industry needs new, unified processes for product information management (PIM) to ensure that products and services can meet the requirements to reduce churn, make relevant offerings and comply with data regulations.

Master data management implements a PIM process that puts your business back in control of the data that differentiates your capabilities.

AI in telecom is in the driver's seat of the new customer experience.

Is your AI making good data-driven decisions about your customers’ needs? You might have a wealth of data about your customer, the products and services they use, invoicing, customer service records etc. But is this information tied together in a way that makes it actionable? Is it insightful? Trustworthy? Up to date? Who is accountable to ensure it is fit for analytical purpose?

Application of data governance principles is essential to bring together customer data from across silos in a managed and transparent manner. Only then can this information be used to empower your AI to make real-time, actionable, data-driven decisions.


Use master data management to create data transparency and gain better insight in telecom.

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Telecom operations are moving to the cloud to support automation and efficiency.

Connectivity is an integral part of delivering personalized healthcare, integrating travel services, retailing to the subscriber and providing demand-based entertainment.

As capability grows, new types of consumer requirements and business models will look for communications suppliers who can address their needs:

  • Remote diagnosis using AI
  • Automated transport services
  • Real-time payment services

These services all require new types of integrated offerings, available instantly from the cloud and configurable to individual requirements.

Transparency in the data that fuels these new services is key to be able to confidently move resources to the cloud and establish service level agreements for their management.

Trustworthy and holistic views of subscriber information that traverse disparate lines of businesses, partners, locations and products, is key to the development of the insightful information needed to power next generation automation for the telecommunications provider.

VIDEO How Master Data Management can help Marketing Leaders.

Marketing Executives do not get the results they expect from their activities because they don’t have an overview of all the data that resides in various systems. Master Data Management can help.

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Data-driven companies gain multiple advantages with MDM.

Manage and mitigate risk Manage and mitigate risk

Ensure data for critical decisions is accurate and updated via data governance, automate error-prone manual processes and guard against costly regulatory violations.

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Deliver exceptional experiences Deliver exceptional experiences

Drive personalized customer and product experiences across markets and channels, and enable customers and partners to make confident, trustworthy choices and decisions.

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Increase business agility Increase business agility

Proactively pivot or adapt to evolving markets or customer needs. Respond to challenges, quickly onboard products, add channels and manage expansion and M&A.

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Accelerate digital transformation Accelerate digital transformation

Fuel AI, IoT and real-time personalization initiatives with the high-quality data they demand. Drive brand differentiation and deliver greater value, success and ROI.

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