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Aarhus, 28 July 2015 - Modyf, a leading work and leisurewear specialist and part of the Würth group, has implemented Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management (MDM) solution to optimise and manage its product information. Modyf had challenges with identical products in different countries, experienced first hand by Würth IT consultancy while carrying out an MDM project for the clothing retailer. 

Key points:

  • Modyf operates online shops in Germany, Italy, Spain and France, and wanted to bring these together on a single platform. 
  • Würth IT, which used to be the IT department of the Würth international manufacturing group and is now an independent subsidiary with 350 employees, managed and implemented the project using the Stibo Systems STEP solution.
  • Modyf needed to merge its various national e-commerce systems in order to provide the highest possible quality of service. The aim was also to cut costs, reduce the time spent on data management, and create a single brand identity in the countries concerned. 

“One new thing for us, was implementing seven online shops on four different country sites,” says Torsten Hofmann, the head of the MDM team at Würth IT who led the Modyf project. “Each site had a different number of products.” 

The team began by creating a standard product nomenclature, and then imported and structured the data in a single process. “Linking two different ERP systems to the STEP platform was a particular challenge,” says Modyf France CEO Jérôme Nussbaumer. “Germany and Italy use SAP, and France and Spain use MS Dynamics. We used Magento shop software as an interface between the systems, and this now serves all four countries.”

STEP was more than equal to the challenge, since it uses a comprehensive data model to store and manage all product attributes and relationships. It also maintains data integrity by ensuring that incorrect or redundant information does not enter the system, harmonises data from different sources, and places it within a shared structure.

Würth IT had some experience of implementing STEP and worked closely both with Modyf and Stibo Systems, which has extensive experience in the Fashion & Lifestyle industry. The French e-shop went online in December 2014 and the data was then used to publish the German catalogue. The German shop went live in January 2015, with Italy following in March, and Belgium and the Netherlands in June. Austria and Spain are scheduled to follow by the end of August and online sales already account for 10% of Modyf’s revenue.

About Modyf

Modyf, established in 1997, is a specialist in workwear and outdoor, sports and leisure clothing. It is a subsidiary of Würth, an international manufacturing group. The company’s name is an acronym for Modern, Dynamic, Functional – the attributes shared by all of its high-quality products. Its tops, trousers and safety shoes are all designed for highly skilled professionals.

The company’s online shop offers free delivery within one to two working days and orders can be placed 24 hours a day. Customers can also buy work clothing and safety shoes from Würth locations across Europe. 

About Würth IT

Würth IT, formerly known as Comgroup, provides bespoke applications and SAP consultancy to companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of sectors. It has around 350 employees, and also offers a comprehensive range of other solutions including e-commerce, cloud storage, data security and network integration.

As part of the Würth group, consisting of over 400 small- and medium-sized companies, Würth IT has provided project support for large numbers of internal and external clients around the world. Its highly experienced consultants receive regular training to ensure that their technology and operations expertise is always up to date.

About Stibo Systems 

Stibo Systems is the global leader in multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.  Industry leaders rely on Stibo Systems to provide cross-channel consistency by linking product and customer data, suppliers and other organizational assets.  This enables businesses to make more effective decisions, improve sales and build shareholder value.  During the last 30 years, Stibo Systems has helped hundreds of companies to develop a trusted source of operational information.  A privately held subsidiary of the Stibo A/S group, which was originally founded in 1794, Stibo Systems' corporate headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark. 

For more information, please contact: 
Katherine Hahn 
Public Relations Manager 

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