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Stibo Systems’ MDM Platform will manage SSG’s next-generation Product Database

AARHUS, 15 June, 2016 – Standard Solutions Group (SSG) has chosen Stibo Systems Master Data Management (MDM) platform, STEP, as the new foundation for the SSG Product Database – a repository for over 680.000 spare parts linked to more than 30 industries and 70 suppliers and manufacturers. STEP was selected against 10 competitors in a thorough tender and will be implemented in close collaboration with Stibo Systems’ long term partner in Sweden, Sigma.

SSG is owned by the six largest forest companies in Sweden and develop standardised solutions for the industry. Based on a unique concept, SSG embraces more than 500 technical experts from different industries that work together to produce standards, guidelines, trainings and standardised services for the industry.

The SSG Product Database is one of the key services which will now be the objective of the largest investment in SSG’s history. STEP will replace the company’s home grown PIM system and provide a new MDM platform which is more user-friendly, efficient and transparent.

"Our goal is to make SSG Product Database the natural hub for product information. Our investment in STEP plays an important role in the search for even more efficient ways to work with data of spare parts in the industry. We see huge potential in making the industry more productive and sustainable by reducing the waste of resource and also connect the industry with suppliers and manufacturers. By providing transparency, STEP will help eliminate doubling of stocks and bring order to fixed asset registers", says Henrik Lundgren, Business Area Manager, SSG Product Database.

Part of the idea of the SSG Product Database is that an associated industry can see which items another industry normally has in stock, since the same item has the same SKC number for all the industries that use it. This can enable collaboration between industries with regard to spare parts, which can in turn reduce the amount of capital tied up. Whole groups that are connected to the SSG Product Database can create huge synergies and savings by cooperating on spare parts. Those are the benefits one get by having control of one’s item data.

"We are really excited that we are going to work with SSG on this ambitious project. I am truly impressed with the business concept and results provided by SSG and I am proud that they chose STEP to take the company into the future", says Mikkel Jensen, Vice President, Stibo Systems.

About SSG

SSG – Setting new standards.

With the aim to make the industry more efficient, safe and more sustainable, SSG gathers industrial knowledge to create standards, trainings, conferences and standardised services, and has done so since the mid 1950's. In SSG's ten technical committees, with experts from all over the industry, standardised solutions for common problems are developed which are rooted in the daily life of industry. SSG's aim is that its services will be the natural choice of industry. For more information, please visit

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