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Distributor adopts latest iteration for continued effective management of critical data in increasingly complex business environment

Aarhus, Denmark – January 28, 2015: Stibo Systems, the global leader in Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, has announced that Manutan, a leading European multi-channel distributor to businesses and local governments, has successfully switched over to the latest version of its multi-domain MDM platform, STEP Trailblazer.

Founded nearly half a century ago, Manutan has 25 subsidiaries in 19 countries across Europe, employing 1,800 people and generating revenues of €590.4 million (2013-2014).

The company has two main areas of activity; its commercial side serves the needs of multinational corporations and small businesses, and its government side caters to institutions such as schools, hospitals, and sports facilities for local and regional communities.

Boasting over 200,000 products, 2,000 suppliers, and 1,000,000 customers, Manutan manages massive amounts of data every day, including all the information needed to produce its catalogues and product brochures.

"In a highly competitive market, and at a time of strong customer demand and lack of loyalty, catalogues are crucial for all customer relationship channels. The ability to collect, share, and publish modelled data is a key competitive advantage", said Henri Adreit, IT Programme Director at Manutan.

"Manutan has been using Stibo Systems' solutions for six years now as the single, unifying strategy upon which its product information management, or PIM, efforts are founded. The STEP multi-domain MDM platform gives us the ability to not only efficiently manage our critical data on a daily basis and standardise our range of products company-wide, but also to sustain our evolving strategy long into the future."

As a company operating in a market heavily impacted by the new multi-channel phenomenon, Manutan has had to contend with increasingly complex data as it acquires new entities and new suppliers, and as the number of items available to businesses and governments multiplies exponentially.

The most recent step in the two companies' long-standing relationship and ongoing commitment was Manutan's move to the latest release of Stibo Systems' multi-domain MDM solution, STEP Trailblazer.

"The key to Manutan's success has been its wide range of dynamic, high-quality products and services, and its position as a European retailer whose strength lies in combining reliable, constantly improving processes with innovative and agile technologies", added Marc Gillot, MDM Director at Manutan. "Stibo Systems plays a major role in preserving and building upon these strengths, so it made sense for us to upgrade to the new release of STEP."

Frédéric Marie, Director of Professional Services at Stibo Systems in France said, "Manutan and Stibo Systems have enjoyed a long-standing working relationship, and we are proud to continue to help our customer turn its quality of service into a sustainable and evolving competitive advantage. STEP helps retail customers like Manutan differentiate themselves in highly competitive markets, and gives them the tools necessary to enhance the customer experience across all channels, increase sales, and boost brand loyalty."

About Manutan

The Manutan Group is a leading European multi-channel distributor to businesses and local and regional governments. It is represented by 25 subsidiaries in 19 countries across Europe. Manutan International is publicly traded on Euronext Paris – Segment B – ISIN code: FR000032302-MAN.
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About Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems is the global leader in multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. Industry leaders rely on Stibo Systems to provide cross-channel consistency by linking product and customer data, suppliers and other organisational assets. This enables businesses to make more effective decisions, improve sales and build shareholder value. During the last 30 years, Stibo Systems has helped hundreds of companies to develop a trusted source of operational information. A privately held subsidiary of the Stibo A/S group, which was originally founded in 1794, Stibo Systems' corporate headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark. For more information, visit

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