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How Batman’s Multidomain MDM Strategy Gives Him the Edge

March 24 2016
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Like many of you, I’m excited for the release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice this week. Perhaps not quite as excited as I am for season 6 of Game of Thrones, but excited nonetheless. Of all the comic book superheroes, Batman in particular has always captured my imagination.

It could just be that the “original” Batman movie (the 1989 one, starting Michael Keaton,) was the perfect combination of media hype and blockbuster content to dazzle a preteen boy. But I like to think it’s more than that. Batman, at his core, wasn’t a “superhero” in the normal sense—he was just a regular guy1. Unlike most of his crime-fighting peers, Batman has no magical powers.

Instead, he relies on something far more powerful than the ability to fly, shoot lasers from his eyeballs, or be completely unrecognizable while wearing eyeglasses:

Batman has Multidomain Master Data Management.

So how will the Caped Crusader’s MDM strategy provide an edge over an indestructible adversary whose only known weakness is a cosmically rare radioactive ore from a distant planet?

Let’s take a look: 

Product Data: All Those Gadgets (Vehicles, Weapons, Suits, etc.)

The main source of Batman’s powers as a superhero reside in his ability to produce, as Jack Nicholson’s Joker famously quipped, “those wonderful toys.” Batman’s R&D team (presumably comprised only of Lucius Fox and his butler, Alfred) is downright prolific, able to bring devastating new Batgadgets from concept to crime-fighting production with astonishing speed.

But how do they do it? How do they source and onboard the materials needed? How do they maintain relationships with so many suppliers? Surely Wayne Enterprises and its thirty-some international divisions aren’t capable of making everything2! And even if they were, how would Batman’s support team manage the myriad number of product attributes? How does he ensure that Alfred isn’t installing the wrong sensor chips into the electronic components of the Batcave’s highly advanced infrastructure? Do you have any idea how much wear and tear his Utility Belt gets, or how much data is required to properly maintain a fleet of Batmobiles, Batcopters and Batplanes?

You see the point. Batman has his stuff together. To defeat Superman, he’ll need to bring the full powers of his product information to bear. It’s not the sort of organizing you’d want to do with spreadsheets and ill-equipped legacy systems. So, all signs point to an industry leading Product MDM.

Customer Domain: Bringing More Data to the Party

Another strength of Batman’s crime fighting is his preparedness. He always seems to know exactly who he’s up against and how to defeat them. But consider the volume of criminal names, secret identities and known associates he needs to internalize to maintain his ranking as The World’s Greatest Detective. It seems highly likely that Batman is using a Customer MDM solution to create up-to-date and consistent profiles of his opponents. He’s undoubtedly pulling information and assets such as arrest records and crime reports from a countless external databases and systems all across Gotham in order to profile his villains. He may refer to these as “dossiers”, but here at Stibo Systems we call them Golden Records.

Equipped with a powerful Customer MDM solution, you can bet it won’t take Batman long to surmise that “Superman” is merely an alias. Superman is, in fact, a Kryptonian named Kal-El (aka, “The Man of Steel”), who just so happens to be simultaneously masquerading as mild-mannered Metropolis newsman Clark Kent. Using powerful matching and linking algorithms, Batman will also know that Kal-El’s household includes his adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan, who still live in the town of Smallville, Kansas, and that his main hobby outside of destroying Metropolis is clumsily spending time with coworker Lois Lane. All of which is valuable information to have when you’re trying to take down a pseudo-deity like Kal-El.
(Okay, so Superman is not technically a customer in the strict sense of the term, but armed with all of this data, Batman will be more than capable of delivering him a uniquely seamless smackdown just the same.)

Pulling It All Together

Batman theoretically has a good amount of credible data to try and give Superman a run for his money. But let’s imagine for a moment that Batman had skimped a bit when it was time to select an MDM vendor. Oh no! What good would all that data be if it existed in silos, or possibly even separate software solutions altogether?!

Luckily, Batman was diligent in his search for an MDM solution, and decided on the only one he found that was capable of mastering multiple data domains on a single technology platform. Yes, Batman uses Stibo Systems' Master Data Management solution3 (he’s a secretive guy so we’re not allowed to use his logo in our marketing materials, however…you understand). 

Because The Dark Knight uses MDM from Stibo Systems, he’s able to easily add Location data into the fold, plotting out where all of his previous foes have committed dastardly deeds, and gaining a deeper understanding of how Gotham’s criminal underworld works. It's also quite possible that, by combining product data with customer (criminal) data and location data, he’ll discover a failed attempt by one of Gotham’s villains to previously acquire a certain radioactive ore with a very lethal application versus a certain superhero. From there Batman might combine this knowledge with his usual vigilante tactics to locate an unused cache of Kryptonite…

Either that, or (spoiler alert) he’ll learn to see Superman’s point of view, realize that they both ultimately want the same thing, and the two of them will team up with other superheroes to found The Justice League.

In either case, we’ll know the real truth: that Multidomain Master Data Management is the real hero.

1Sure, he also had nearly unlimited resources as the figurehead of a multinational, multibillion dollar empire, but that’s besides the point.
2 Wayne Enterprises has almost certainly implemented a non-clandestine multidomain MDM strategy of their own, but that’s a topic for a whole other blog post…
3 This post is for entertainment purposes only. Stibo Systems can neither confirm or deny that Batman is a customer. Batman is a registered trademark of DC Comics.


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