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Fuel Salesforce with high-quality data

Bad data is worse than no data. It leads to misleading, incomplete and confusing information, lowers adoption and is one of the top three reasons for why CRM projects fail. Salesforce is used widely by enterprises who are looking to organize their contacts (such as prospects, customers, and suppliers) while keeping track of their engagement process, but most of these users have challenges in keeping records clean and accurate.

Through our Customer MDM solution, enterprises can leverage the certified Salesforce app to achieve and maintain a 360° view of customers.

Maintain high-quality data within Salesforce and gain a single, unified view of customers that is verified, accurate and complete.

The app provides key data management capabilities directly within Salesforce, including real-time contact data validation, deduplication, in-app master data management, ongoing data monitoring and data stewardship, as well as Dun & Bradstreet enrichment.

At a Glance


Stibo Systems’ Data Quality is a certified Salesforce app that encompasses every aspect of data management from real-time contact data validation, deduplication, ongoing data monitoring and data stewardship to Dun & Bradstreet enrichment, ensuring you have high-quality customer records


Real-time address, email and phone validation


Prevent duplicates at point of entry

Master Data Management

Create a true 360° view of the customer


Data Stewardship

Maintain and control data directly in Salesforce


Build robust customer profiles with D & B

Cleanse your data, and your system

Duplicates can ruin your customer data. They make it hard to understand how many customers you have, and cause confusion on what information is current about them. The CMDM for Salesforce app enables enterprises to eradicate duplicates at the point of entry and continuously monitors them so the data within Salesforce is clean and reliable.

  • Get notified instantly of potential duplicates when new Accounts or Contacts are entered
  • Identify and automatically act on duplicates
  • Delete stale and/or inactive records
  • Control and maintain data directly in Salesforce with an easy-to-use native UI
In-depth customer insights

Duplicate, inaccurate, or fake customer data can create misleading reports, which is disastrous when data is at the center of driving business decisions. The CMDM for Salesforce app enables data-driven businesses to easily monitor and control Salesforce data, along with ensuring its accuracy, enabling trust in reporting

  • Data profiling and reporting that provides insight into the validity of data in Salesforce (e.g. number of duplicates found in the past 48 hours)
  • Locate the source of duplicates

Get confident with your Salesforce data


Real-time address, email, and phone validation that ensures only verified and accurate contact data enters Salesforce
| Email address validation – Experian | Address validation – Loqate | Phone number validation – 3GT

Address Verification:

  • Minimize returned mail due to inaccurate and/or undeliverable addresses
  • Improve customer experience and revenue with better brand perception and marketing effectiveness
  • Real-time point of entry validation
  • Reduce costly errors in shipping, mailing, billing/invoicing and other business critical activities
  • Global address verification for 240 countries

Email Validation:

  • Instantly detect syntax errors and verify that a domain exists and is reachable
  • Validate that email domains are accepting mail
  • Only allow deliverable email addresses into Salesforce, and strengthen sender reputation

Phone Validation:

  • Conduct real-time checks into the validity of a mobile number
  • Global matching capabilities with 160+ countries covered
  • Gain insights into customers by learning the original network a mobile number was assigned, if the number has been ported to a different network, and what country the mobile was last used
Enrich your customer data

Build robust customer profiles and organizational hierarchies with 220+ firmographic, hierarchical, and key person data fields from Dun & Bradstreet

  • Update and enrich existing Contacts in Salesforce by leveraging quality business data from Dun & Bradstreet, including a match against the D-U-N-S number
  • Find and add new key decision makers as Contacts to your existing Accounts
Business Benefits
  • Increase ROI from your Salesforce investment
  • Improve your customer insight and advance targeting efforts
  • Personalize communication and experience with audiences
  • Reduce delays, billing errors, and marketing inefficiency

Dive Deeper


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