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How do you quantify a data management project?

There is great financial value to be gained from improving data quality, automating data processes and enhancing the data value chain. If you want proof, try the ROI Calculator and get access to a customized report. The report expands on what factors are driving the ROI estimates and highlights the annual expected financial impact over five years to help you build your business case.

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How a master data management solution delivers ROI

Basic improvements of data quality and processes ensure immediate ROI:

  • Automating processes allows you to allocate resources to more value-added tasks
  • Improving the data quality through governance rules reduces time to market
  • The overall spend on IT can be reduced by having a single source of trusted master data
  • Reducing legacy IT costs
  • Access to trusted, high-quality data enhances your business applications and enables easy data sharing

Long-run benefits of improving transparency, integrity and shareability of your master data:

  • Facilitates compliance
  • Solidifies the supply chain
  • Enables sustainability data management
    Improves analytics and business intelligence
  • Improves customer experiences
  • Accelerates digital transformation

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Digital transformation enabled by Multidomain MDM


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