Do You Understand Your HCO and HCP Supplier and Customer Data?​

How good are you at making data-driven decisions based on your healthcare organization data and healthcare professional data?​

Take this quick 10-question test (5 min.) to find out how data-driven you are and receive concrete advice on how to improve.

For medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, HCO/HCP data impacts a wide range of subjects:


The decisions you make about your day-to-day effectiveness


The safety of patients


The preservation of the environment


The impact on your business and the people you manage


The respect of privacy


Insight and analytics

Being data driven depends on your mastery of data.
We have identified five different levels of mastery:

Collating You rely on internally, as-is created data with no unique point of accountability Curating You are able to organize data according to its definition and structure before integrating to external systems and services Cultivating You are providing single views of HCO/HCP information that reflect a holistic, line-of-business-independent view Caring You have a data management policy that is being implemented through a data governance council Coveting You have a data-culture program within your organization that educates and informs regularly on the importance of correctly manipulating HCO/HCP information