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Location Master Data Management

Centralize, manage and share location data across your organization, improving operational agility, decision making and customer experiences.
Turn location-based data into a valuable, actionable asset

Stibo Systems Location Master Data Management (Location MDM) enables you to manage, maintain, update and seamlessly share location and site master data across multiple communication channels and applications.

It provides transparency into hundreds of site attributes by creating a single, trustworthy view of your location information, leveraging built-in data quality, governance and integration capabilities.

gain a single, trusted view of supplier information across the enterprise with supplier master data management
Master data management for retail locations

For retailers striving to meet customers’ evolving needs with differentiated store experiences, Location Master Data Management for retaill can be especially advantageous.’ wrap link around ‘master data management for retail. By enriching store location data with local points of interest information, localized consumer demographics, competitor site data and more, the solution enables you to offer relevant products and services and update customers with the latest store information.

master data management for retail locations
MDM ROI Calculator Put a figure on the return on your data management investment

Data management projects are hard to quantify. There is great financial value to be gained from improving data quality and automating data processes. But how do you estimate it? The ROI Calculator can help you build your business case for master data management.

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Maximize the value of your location-based data

A single, trusted view of your geographic information, site analytics and inventory data enables retail to deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost profitability.
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Why Stibo Systems
Location Master Data Management

Deliver better experiences Deliver better experiences
Launch more effective, personalized marketing campaigns and in-store experiences by leveraging insights about the areas surrounding your stores such as local points of interest, demographics of nearby customers, competitor site data and more.
Operate stores efficiently Operate stores efficiently
Maximize the value of your real estate portfolio and streamline operations by tracking site data such as revenue per square foot, operating hours and in-store services, as well as managing insurance, maintenance, security, cleaning contracts and more.
 Manage store assets Manage store assets
Maintain a comprehensive view of all assets and equipment at each site such as POS terminals, display screens, shelving and display units and sizes, carts and baskets, price and promotion cards, refrigeration units, furniture, fixtures, fittings and more.


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