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Location Master Data Management

Increase operational agility, enable better decision making and keep customers informed with a single, trustworthy view of your site and location data.

Turn your location data into a valuable, actionable asset.

Location plays a significant role in the success of your business operations. Not only is it important to know the location of your sites – such as your stores, corporate offices and distribution centers – but you also need to know where your assets, customers, suppliers and employees are located.

When location data is connected to other data domains, you gain additional insights that can help you answer critical questions such as: Where should we open our next facility? Which employees are we able to deploy to which site? What is the most appropriate brand and product assortment for this location?

Whether you manage stores, restaurants, hotels, power stations or cell towers, knowing the location of your sites and accurately capturing all the data and documentation that relate to them is a significant and essential task. Yet with location data often stored in multiple spreadsheets and ERPs across a company, gathering this information can be a time-consuming and costly process.

With Stibo Systems Location Master Data Management (Location MDM), you can increase operational agility, mitigate risk and enhance the customer experience by managing, maintaining, updating and seamlessly sharing location and site master data across multiple communication channels and applications.

Location MDM provides transparency into hundreds of site attributes by creating a single, trustworthy view of your location information, leveraging built-in data quality, governance and integration capabilities.

For retailers striving to meet customers’ evolving needs with differentiated store experiences, Location MDM can be especially advantageous. By enriching store location data with local points of interest information, localized consumer demographics, competitor site data and more, Location MDM enables you to offer relevant products and services and update customers with the latest store information.


Site master data management for retailers

Make better site-based decisions, increase operational efficiency and improve product and brand selections by using Location Master Data Management to centralize, manage and share location and site-specific information across your retail organization.

icon_arrow_consolidate_2c A single source of truth View of hundreds of trusted geographic, site and inventory attributes via a single system
icon_data_2c Trusted data quality Consolidate duplicate data across disparate systems and applications, eliminating data silos
icon_smiley_smile_2c Improved customer experience Keep customers updated with changes to operating hours and new services
Reduced data management costs with supplier master data management Centralized financial management Manage real estate portfolio and associated facility contracts, services and maintenance
icon_location_2c Comprehensive location analytics Rapidly identify and onboard new properties and pinpoint locations for closures or rebrands
icon_light_bulb_shine_2c Faster innovation and operational agility Create and update information about new delivery options, product offerings and services

Learn how Location MDM helps retail deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost profitability.

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Gain a single, trusted view of your geographic, site and inventory data.
Deliver better experiences Deliver better experiences Launch more effective, personalized marketing campaigns and in-store experiences by leveraging insights about the areas surrounding your stores such as local points of interest, demographics of nearby customers, competitor site data and more. Operate stores efficiently Operate stores efficiently Maximize the value of your real estate portfolio and streamline operations by tracking site data such as revenue per square foot, operating hours and in-store services, as well as managing insurance, maintenance, security, cleaning contracts and more. Manage store assets Manage store assets Maintain a comprehensive view of all assets and equipment at each site such as POS terminals, display screens, shelving and display units and sizes, carts and baskets, price and promotion cards, refrigeration units, furniture, fixtures, fittings and more.

Maximize the value of your location and site information.

Update customers with the latest store information

Keeping customers informed about new operating hours or services has never been more important. Outdated or inaccurate store information on your website or app can lead to poor customer experiences and lost sales. Location MDM enables you to make changes to your store information quickly and consistently. It centralizes site and location-specific information from heterogeneous systems, creating a single view that can be leveraged across all functional departments, analytical systems and outbound marketing applications.

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Make better site-based decisions

Knowing how stores in different locations are performing, as well as having access to localized consumer demographics and competitor site data, can lead to more informed, site-based decisions – such as where to open your next store or which brand or product assortments to promote at a particular site. With Location MDM, you can enhance the value of your site and location data by using data enrichment services for demographic data, competitor data, address verification and more.

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Increase operational efficiency with data transparency

Improve communication between your corporate and store-level teams by streamlining and automating business processes using data policy management rules and workflows. Location MDM ensures your location data complies with data quality standards and is fit for analytics.

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Gain more value from your location data with multidomain

Location-based information, when combined with product, customer, employee or supplier data, can provide you with the actionable insights you need to drive better business outcomes. With Stibo Systems integrated Multidomain MDM platform, companies can manage multiple data domains in a single place, connecting all master data for even greater value.

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Nets, a leading supplier of end-to-end payment solutions in Europe, implemented Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM to gain a comprehensive 360° view and analysis of its customer, product and location data. The integrated solution enables Nets to identify opportunities to upsell and improve customer retention.

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