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Deliver Exceptional Experiences with Master Data Management

Leverage trustworthy, transparent data to fuel superior customer, product and brand experiences that drive business growth.

Drive engaging, personalized experiences that keep customers and partners coming back for more.

Experience, it is said, is the new brand. Whatever kind you seek to offer – a superior customer, product, brand or digital experience – your ability to deliver it depends on access to, accurate, trustworthy data.

By eliminating silos and seamlessly integrating data from across disparate systems, applications and sources, Stibo Systems MDM enables businesses to ensure the level of data quality and consistency needed to meet and exceed constantly escalating customer and business demands.

Today, the ability to address these rising expectations, while ensuring a consistent, positive experience across all channels, markets and touchpoints, is not just “nice to have.” It’s a necessity.

Our unique multidomain platform enables businesses to meet that need, and more. By combining data from multiple domains – product, customer, location, supplier, etc. – we enable them to deliver incremental value through data transparency. From an experience standpoint, it’s almost an unfair advantage.

How Master Data Management Can Help Marketing Leaders Like You.

Marketers often struggle to deliver against constantly changing customer demands. A common challenge is outdated customer and product information. This prevents the delivery of an engaging, personalized customer experience (CX).

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Better experiences start with better data.

Ensuring rich, trustworthy data with master data management supports the delivery of great customer experiences in multiple ways:

Improves satisfaction and loyalty Improves satisfaction and loyalty

Build strong relationships with customers and partners by giving them trusted information to fuel confident decisions

Enables customer centricity Enables customer centricity

Improve the value of marketing, sales and customer retention by acquiring, cleansing, enriching and sharing accurate data

Ensures relationship integrity Ensures relationship integrity

Enhance personalization strategies by better understanding and leveraging complex data hierarchies and relationships

Drives revenue and growth Drives revenue and growth

Improve upsell and cross-sell with accurate product and customer data and increase the quality of leads delivered to sales teams

Creates data transparency Creates data transparency

Empower customers and partners with managed visibility into product attributes and data to address their evolving interests

Delivers consistency everywhere Delivers consistency everywhere

Provide consistent, engaging and localized content to support omnichannel experiences and engage global markets

Optimizing customer, product and brand experience to drive better business outcomes.

Personalization requires massive amounts of data. MDM empowers you to deliver it.

Success in virtually any industry today demands an increasing degree of personalization, especially consumer-facing markets, where creating tailored, one-on-one relationships is the norm. Yet, delivering it is not always as easy as some may believe.

Personalization requires massive amounts of data - MDM ensures an exceptional customer experience
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Empowering customers through data transparency, from source to final sale.

Rapidly evolving consumer expectations are changing the nature of relationships between brands and their customers, and their business ecosystem partners, as well. People seek access to more information about the products they purchase, and who they buy them from. The ability to address this demand will factor heavily into who wins customer favor, and who does not.

Empowering customers through data transparency
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The experience is essential at every level of the value chain.

While businesses across every industry become increasingly digital, the ability to foster strong relationships through positive, data-driven experiences becomes increasingly important. And not just with the end customer, but rather, across every level of the enterprise business ecosystem.

The customer experience is essential at every level of the value chain
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Empower data transparency with master data management to operate with speed in any industry.


Onboard product data and content quickly and accurately to provide a consistent experience across all channels. Then combine accurate, updated product, customer and location data across the entire business ecosystem to deliver the best experience possible. Learn more about delivering data-driven experiences in CPG.

Life Sciences

Strengthen relationships with customers and business partners by making sure data is accurate, up-to-date and fit for purpose. This includes ensuring compliance with evolving industry standards and ethical and regulatory requirements. Learn more about ensuring superior experiences in life sciences.


Give tech savvy consumers the customer-centric, personalized experience they expect by getting them the right product, at the right place, at the right time. Empower them to compare products and access information they consider important to make an informed purchase. Learn more about the role of trusted data to the retail experience.


Launch new customer-centric products and services based on actionable, accurate and trusted information about your customers and products. Drive customer satisfaction through governance and by maintaining privacy and consent for personal data and preferences. Learn more about superior experiences in telecom.


Delivering exceptional experiences through better data management.

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