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Empower the Supply Chain with Master Data Management

Drive collaborative success by enabling visibility, traceability and insight across the business ecosystem.

Optimize the flow of goods and services using trustworthy, transparent data.

Real-time connectivity, visibility and information transparency are essential components of a collaborative supply chain. Innovations such as IoT are accelerating these capabilities, enabling businesses to deliver the quality products and experiences customers demand.

While these technologies can provide a steady stream of updated information into almost every aspect of the supply chain, keeping it accurate and available requires an equally sophisticated approach to master data management.

Stibo Systems MDM empowers businesses to bring data together from multiple sources and domains – product, customer, location, supplier, etc. – and share and leverage it to benefit their customers, suppliers and partners.

By making access seamless and transparent, while maintaining strict privacy and control, Stibo Systems MDM empowers the creation of insight, agility and value, from one end of the supply chain to the other. Along with greater efficiency and profitability for all.

INFOGRAPHIC What is Product Master Data Management? It’s like product information management, evolved.

To understand Product MDM, you need to start with the importance of accurate, timely product data and content. While it is similar to product information management (PIM), it does much more.

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infographic what is product master data management - it is like product information management evolved

Enable product information tracking and traceability,
from source to final sale.

Better data drives better business and growth across the value chain.

Create collaborative success Create collaborative success

Strengthen relationships with partners by instilling greater trust and transparency into business, social and environmental practices

Improve visibility and traceability Improve visibility and traceability

Empower stakeholders with insight into ingredients and origin and enable rapid response to evolving conditions, trends and demands

Accelerate time to market Accelerate time to market

Break down data silos to speed product onboarding and the flow of trusted, real-time data from source to consumption

Fuel expansion and growth Fuel expansion and growth

Drive insight across suppliers, channels, markets and geographies, empowering informed decision making, cost efficiency and mutual success

Enhance customer loyalty Enhance customer loyalty

Build trust by addressing consumer demand for information on where products are from and their social and environmental impact

Build agile, differentiated brands Build agile, differentiated brands

Deliver high-quality, data-driven experiences that respond to evolving needs, fueling revenue and growth across the value chain


Transform the value chain through the power
of master data management.

Transparency to fuel the digital value chain.

In the digital economy, if your data isn’t working for your business value chain, it’s working against it. MDM maximizes returns by fueling visibility and insight for everyone across industries, channels, markets and touchpoints.

Transparency to fuel the digital value chain
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Safely address consumer demand for responsible products.

Demand for environmentally, socially responsible products is intensifying. MDM enables supply chain transparency, empowering brands to share data end customers seek to make confident, trusted purchases.

address consumer demand for responsible products
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Strengthen connections with value chain partners.

Recent global events have companies worldwide reexamining their business processes, including how and where they source, manufacture and go to market. Trusted relationships have never been more crucial, and data is central to the story.

strengthen connections with value chain partners
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WHITE PAPER Improving competitive advantage starts with better supplier management.

Build stronger, more profitable supplier relationships across the supply chain by learning how to improve supply chain transparency, assess supplier risk, and centrally manage and govern supplier master data.

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Improving competitive advantage starts with better supplier management
Video How Master Data Management can help business leaders like you.

The process of moving goods through the business value chain is highly dependent on the quality, availability and transparency of the data that accompanies those products. This is especially true when onboarding new products. Stibo Systems MDM is ideally suited to empowering product teams and other business leaders address this challenge.

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Empower speed and visibility across the supply chain in any industry with master data management.


Improve visibility and traceability and enable insight across the packaged goods ecosystem. Drive collaboration with supplier, retailers and distribution partners, enabling innovation, superior experiences and customer demand. Learn more about empowering consumers and partners with data transparency in CPG.


Enable end customers with visibility and insight into the information they seek to make informed, trustworthy purchase decisions, based on data drawn from across the value chain. Leverage updated product and customer data to drive personalized, differentiated experiences. Learn more about driving superior outcomes in retail.


Launch new customer-centric products with speed and efficiency based on actionable, trusted insight into evolving customer needs. Drive collaborative growth with value chain partners through visibility into actionable, real-time data. Learn more about delivering better business outcomes across the manufacturing ecosystem.

Life Sciences

Strengthen relationships with customers and regulatory organizations by making sure data is accurate, up-to-date and compliant. Enable collaboration and agility through collaborative visibility and traceability. Learn more about ensuring success through accurate, transparent data in the life sciences.


Empowering the supply chain through better data management.

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