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The Data Transparency Advantage

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Master Data Management

Streamline and automate business processes and reduce costs by creating a single source of truth for critical data.

Improve quality, productivity and time to market while reducing costs, leveraging accurate, high-quality data.

Master data is at the core of virtually every operational processes. Procurement, product development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing and sales all depend on the ability to efficiently acquire, manage and share trustworthy, up-to-date information. MDM helps automate and govern these processes, and enables visibility and insight to make better operating decisions.

By bringing data together from disconnected, siloed systems across the enterprise value chain, Stibo Systems MDM enables businesses to eliminate costly, error-prone manual processes, improve the quality of products and services and accelerate time to market. The end result are increased productivity, profitability and business performance, while reducing costs.

VIDEO How AAFES improved operational efficiency

AAFES partnered with Stibo Systems to create one source of truth for their product information and enhance their operational efficiency. As a result, they’ve managed to reduce the time it takes to create a new product in their systems from 3-5 days to less than 5 minutes and to increase the number of products they add per month from 20-25 to 35-40,000. Watch the video to learn more about their master data management journey.

Watch the Video

Leveraging data transparency for operational efficiency.

Across industries, MDM creates a single, centralized, accurate and up-to-date version of the truth, empowering businesses to drive better decisions, experiences and outcomes.

Increase speed to market - operational efficiency Increase speed to market

Optimize the end-to-end data flow to onboard SKUs, suppliers and resellers with ease while optimizing the quality of your master data.

Empower AI initiatives - operational efficiency Empower AI initiatives

AI is fueled by high-quality data. By organizing attributes in logical data models, MDM is an enabler of AI, securing quality, accuracy and availability of master data.

Enhance collaboration - operational efficiency Enhance collaboration

Connect data from siloed business systems and internal organizations to create a single source of truth, driving confidence and collaboration across the ecosystem.

Improve customer service - operational efficiency Improve customer service

A 360° view of your customers, enables you to deliver personalized customer service, improve customer retention and sell more.

Data transparency boosts operational efficiency
across industries.


Automate non-value-adding tasks related to the acquisition, management, and sharing of master data. Learn more about how to support operational efficiency in CPG with MDM.


Improve information sharing with retail distribution partners by meeting growing requirements for data consistency and rich product information. Learn more about how master data management facilitates operational efficiency in manufacturing.


Drive data transparency in retail, empowering customers with access to data and content that satisfies their evolving interests. Learn more about how MDM helps retailers drive operating efficiency.

Financial Services

Establish a 360° transparent view of customer and product data across all systems to gain actionable insights. Learn more about how MDM can drive operational efficiency in banking and insurance companies.


Enhancing operational efficiency through better data management.

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