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Turn Compliance into Advantage with Master Data Management

Enable transparency to ensure consumer data privacy and address evolving industry and regulatory standards.

Build trust with suppliers, partners and customers by simplifying the delivery of regulatory compliance.

Meeting evolving industry and regulatory standards presents a challenge to companies across every industry. Enabling data transparency empowers businesses to improve and automate the process of sharing trusted information with business partners, customers and regulatory organizations. As well as to simplify adherence to increasingly complex global data privacy regulations for data collection, storage and use.

Stibo Systems MDM enables business to implement governance and automated controls over the compliance process, freeing IT and data teams to focus on other high priority strategic initiatives. And by making the process easier for ecosystem partners, MDM enables companies to build stronger and more loyal business relationships, based on an increased level of transparency, confidence and trust.

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Master data management can help data leaders succeed in data governance and extract maximum value from their data.

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Optimize compliance with an optimized approach to master data management.

Comply with consumer data privacy regulations to improve consumer safety.

Data protection regulations such as GDPR, LGPD and CCPA exist to protect consumers. They include the right to opt out, the right to access, consumer consent and much more. The consequences of non-compliance are significant.

Comply with data privacy regulations to improve consumer safety.
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Whether or not you're a European company, you can't ignore the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect in 2018. It must be reflected in your policies, processes, systems, and organization. Here you'll find answers to your questions about the GDPR.

What is personal data, and where is it used? Do you process personal data? How does the GDPR affect your business? Do you need a data protection officer? And how can master data management help you support compliance with the GDPR?

Dealing with GDPR
AML and KYC.

Companies that need to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations can find help in the streamlined customer onboarding capabilities of Customer MDM.

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Facilitate reporting to focus on business improving activities.

Regulators and consumers are inquiring ever deeper into the accuracy of data and the processes by which it is being created.

Facilitate reporting to focus on business improving activities.
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Comply with industry standards to become the preferred business partner.

Global standards and classifications such as GS1, ETIM and ECLASS make trading and the exchange of product information easier. Non-compliance with these standards can even entail penalties and additional costs.

Comply with industry standards to become the preferred business partner.
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Empower data transparency with master data management to ensure compliance across industries.


Normalize data according to standards (e.g., GS1, ETIM) and automate the process to simplify trading and drive supply chain efficiency. Learn more about solve compliance issues in CPG.

Life Sciences

IDMP, UDI or MDR... master data management ensures mission critical data is fit for compliance and ready to play an active role in supporting your competitive advantage. Learn more about MDM for life sciences.

Financial Services

Support solvency, fight fraud and money laundering, respect consent and improve reporting. Learn more about how to leverage MDM for compliance in insurance and banking.


The wealth of data about your customers and the products and services they use requires a mature master data management approach to ensure compliance with complex data regulations. Learn more about using MDM in telecom.


Enhancing compliance through better data management.

Caroline’s Treasures Success Story Caroline’s Treasures uses product data syndication to comply with the data formats of their retailers and marketplaces. They sell almost 200,000 products via online retailers. Read the Success Story Kellogg's Success Story Kellogg’s uses master data management to cope with consumer demand for more nutrition information, as well as expanding food categories and increasing food regulations. Read the Success Story Marks & Spencer Success Story Marks & Spencer ensures information consistency across all sales channels and removes complexity with a Product MDM solution. Read the Success Story
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