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The Data Transparency Advantage

Manage and Mitigate Risk with Master Data Management

Reduce risk exposure across the enterprise by making sure data is accurate, accessible and up-to-date.

Apply governance, automation and trustworthy information to mitigate uncertainty and distrust.

The expanding scale and scope of data offers limitless opportunities to drive insight, innovation and success. But the accompanying complexity and frequently siloed nature of that data creates an equally strong possibility for increased risk. What’s needed is a system to manage and control this data to ensure quality, visibility and transparency. Making data available to accurately assess risk helps strengthen and future-proof business against foreseeable weakness and exposure.

Stibo System MDM empowers businesses to apply governance and business rules to ensure data quality across the business ecosystem. Automating error-prone manual processes reduces errors, helping protect against costly regulatory violations and ensuring data used to drive insights and decisions is accurate and updated. Finally, by improving data transparency, MDM enables visibility and traceability to proactively manage and reduce risks involving product and consumer safety across channels and markets.

Video How Master Data Management can help empower business leaders like you.

Meet Peter, a master data manager. Despite their best efforts, his team is not getting all the value out of their master data because they don’t have an overview of all the information that resides in various systems. Learn more about how MDM can help business leaders like Peter reduce risk and drive the value and results they need using trustworthy data.

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Leveraging master data management to manage your exposure to business risk.

Make data-driven decisions.

A data-driven approach to decision making based on trusted data allows you to react quicker and more confidently than if you base your decisions on tradition and opinions. As well as to eliminate the potential risk of acting on inaccurate or outdated business information and insight. Stibo Systems MDM helps you reconcile, cleanse and enrich your data to see relationships between entities and feed your analytics and BI with trusted data and keep it updated and available everywhere it is needed.

Make data-driven decisions with mdm and risk management
Improve consumer safety and satisfaction.

Consumers rely on valid product safety and ingredient specifications and trust that the products they buy present that information in an accurate fashion. By ensuring product descriptions are accurate, complete and in accordance with regulations and a positive user experience, businesses can provide the guidance on proper use of the product, and avoid costly returns when customer satisfaction lacks.

Improve consumer safety and satisfaction and manage risks
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Prevent recalls.

Erroneous or missing data along the supply chain can ultimately force companies to institute product recalls. Complex supply chains, including sub-suppliers and ingredient and raw material providers, increases exposure to risk. Remote production facilities, cross-border trade, shipping, storage and packaging are other moving parts that generate a huge amount of data to track.

prevent recalls by managing your risk with mdm
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Know your customer (KYC).

Trusted, complete and rich customer information can support your risk management. Knowing your customers and their relationships does not only provide you with business opportunities, it is also key to fight fraud and organized crime and to mitigate the risk from politically exposed persons.

Know your customer - risk management
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Empower data transparency with master data management to manage risk exposure across industries.


By providing transparency into supply chain data, MDM allows you to minimize risk, putting the business in a position to control disruption and damages. Learn more about how to mitigate risks in the Consumer packaged goods industry.

Life Sciences

Avoid recalls and improve patient safety with access to clear and complete product information to prevent adverse events linked to information mishandling. Learn more about using MDM for information management in life sciences.

Financial Services

Leverage KYC information to build 360° customer views and reduce exposure to fraud, organized crime and money laundering. Learn more about how master data management can help manage risk in insurance and banking.


Unified processes for product information management can ensure products and services meet the requirements to reduce churn and comply with data regulations. Learn more about the benefits of master data management in telecom.


Managing risk through better data management.

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