Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP)

Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) is an integrated technology platform providing a common set of functionality enabling a data driven foundation for business innovation and success.

Leverage the industry’s most proven platform to build your interconnected, MDM-driven Digital Business Hub.

In the digital era, every company is in the data business. But managing and driving game-changing decisions with data is impossible if it lives in siloed systems.

Stibo Systems’ innovative platform provides a proven foundation that integrates our solutions across domains, enabling the kind of data quality, insight and operational agility that sets companies apart.

By eliminating silos and integrating data across systems and domains, it provides a foundation to deliver data transparency, and optimize the value of your information assets by building a Digital Business Hub.

Delivered on-premises or in the cloud, it empowers Stibo Systems’ solutions with a common data model and governance framework based on a single trustworthy technology platform.

A world that demands greater data transparency demands the world’s most trusted master data management platform.

As the volume of data businesses collect grows, so does the challenge of managing it. That’s why we are constantly improving the performance, flexibility and functionality of our underlying platform. This empowers our customers to extract the value from data they require, so they can deliver the kind of transparency and experience their customers demand. Recent platform updates follow.

Intuitive, best-of-breed UX Journey focused UX ensures consistent, seamless experience for all users across all domains. Superior navigation and state-of-the-art search enhance productivity and empower users at every level to use data to create business value.
Cloud-native Cloud-native SaaS offering based on technologies including Cassandra and Kubernetes. Superior flexibility and scalability empowers IT with freedom to focus on driving the business instead of worrying about infrastructure, capacity or upgrades. Open platform Enhancements including new GraphQL API and asynchronous framework with extension API enable more agile integrations, and empower customers and ecosystem partners to fuel revenue driving innovations, including an MDM powered Digital Business Hub.

Stibo Systems

Master Data Management Solutions

As of 7 Jun 2021
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Customer reviews
Overall Rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the Master Data Management Solutions market, based on 113 reviews.
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Create data driven competitive advantage with a platform that fuels your systems with superior data across every domain.

Intuitive, best-of-breed UX

Empower people across your company and value chain to use better data to deliver better experiences.

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Seamless integration

Connect disparate systems and applications to create trusted data across channels.

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Optimized performance

Onboard, consolidate and cleanse data to meet stakeholders needs and deliver business value.

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Powerful security

Use high-quality data as an asset to increase organizational effectiveness.

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Advanced workflows

Onboard, cleanse, enrich and share data using superior functionality and business processes.

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