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Product Master Data Management for Retail

The MDM solution purpose-built to perform at the speed of retail, driving the agility and rapid time to value needed to win in an omnichannel market.
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Everything retailers need – and nothing they don’t –
in a single trusted, retail-ready package.

Evolving customer expectations and demands are forcing retailers to transform how they do business. This is especially true for those operating across physical and digital channels. To stay competitive, they need to dramatically accelerate vendor data onboarding, efficiently expand product assortments, and deliver it all in the form of a consistent, engaging, personalized channel-agnostic experience. All of which demand consistent, accurate, up-to-date product data and content throughout the value chain.
Stibo Systems Product MDM for Retail is the first MDM solution tailored to address these uniquely complex needs. It’s built on our industry leading Product MDM package, customized with intuitive, pre-configured modules, workflows, business rules, dashboards and data models that our deep industry experience has shown retailers need. The result is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, adaptable solution that empowers retailers to move with speed and agility as they put the power of MDM to work to achieve their objectives.
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A proven platform to source and scale product data and content,
and support retail innovation, creativity and growth.

Retail-ready for fast time to value Retail-ready for fast time to value Move quickly using pre-defined modules, data models, and business rules and processes
Deliver personalized experiences Deliver personalized experiences High-quality data fuels engaging omnichannel experiences that drive loyalty and growth
Improve operational agility Improve operational agility Rapid implementation and automated retail processes drive innovation and efficiency
Accelerate time-to-market Accelerate time-to-market Onboard new vendors and expand product assortments quickly via automated workflows
Create a single source of truth Create a single source of truth Eliminate silos to deliver consistent, accurate trustworthy data, insights and decisions
Eliminate risk and achieve compliance Eliminate risk and achieve compliance Automate error-prone manual processes, reduce returns and enable governance and compliance

Learn more about how Product MDM drives retail success

Product Master Data Management for Retail Superior omnichannel product experiences depend on superior product data. Learn more about the first Product MDM solution built to deliver that in the fast-moving retail space. Get the Data Sheet
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Empowering retailers to succeed in an environment where the new “flagship” store is ecommerce.

Retail continues to evolve quickly, driven largely by digital. While there is much cause for optimism, unique, complex challenges still abound – with product data quality and management central to them all – including:

Digital transformation Digital commerce is now the driving force in retail. Those not on board yet need to move decisively to stay in the game. Expectations up; loyalty down Customers today are more in charge than ever. But as their expectations continue rising, their loyalty declines. Fierce competition Consumers have more choices, channels and options than ever. Meaning an alternative option is just a click away. Embracing omnichannel Omnichannel is no longer just an option. Retailers today need to deliver agility and personalization across all channels. Building for the long tail Broader product assortments are critical to growth. But onboarding product data in volume presents a challenge. D2C and retail product brands Direct-to-consumer and retailer branded products add complexity to retailer and vendor collaboration and partnerships.
Superior quality product data fuels superior quality retail outcomes. Product MDM for Retail empowers retailers to acquire, manage and share accurate, consistent, updated product information and content. And to move decisively to achieve success in the highly-competitive retail space.
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Leveraging the power of product data to achieve a competitive retail experience advantage.

The idea behind Product MDM for Retail is simple. Deliver the power of Product MDM in a streamlined package, built for the fast-paced needs of modern retail.

It includes everything needed to automate, synchronize and syndicate accurate, updated product data and content across enterprise and ecommerce platforms. In addition to pre-configured retail-ready modules, it includes our cloud-based Product Data Syndication solution to speed the acquisition of data across multiple channels. As well as our optional Embedded Analytics Platform to uncover business building insights.

The result is a solution unlike any other, ready to drive competitive advantage by empowering retailers to:

  • Speed product onboarding
  • Quickly scale product assortments/catalogs
  • Enhance customer experience (CX)
  • Increase loyalty
  • Reduce product returns
  • Eliminate costly, error-prone manual processes
  • Optimize the product information supply chain
  • Drive organizational creativity and innovation
  • Facilitate improved collaboration
  • Accelerate revenue and growth
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