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Product Lifecycle Management

PLM brings order to data with integrated product development workflows, enabling true 360° views of products for retailers and brand owners.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with Stibo Systems
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Streamlined planning, design, development, sourcing and sales processes bring winning products to market faster.

Growing consumer demands for variety and personalized experiences require brand owners to put more products into market faster, without compromising on quality or price.

Information related to the product development process, from ideation to commercialization, is often stored and managed in disconnected, siloed systems. This quickly introduces redundancies and costly data errors resulting in product delays, poor designs and quality, limited visibility and subpar standards.

Exclusively designed for retail, footwear and apparel (RFA) and private label food and formulation industries, Stibo Systems’ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) brings order to your data with its integrated and streamlined process workflows from product ideation through to sale.

This innovative solution is built on top of industry-leading Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management (MDM) platform, enabling 360° views of your products and data. Working together, PLM and Product MDM improve time to market, reduce costs and enable end-to-end information visibility and traceability.

Video Bring order to your data with PLM

Bringing a new product to market is a complex, collaborative process, requiring your design, merchandising, product development, sourcing and marketing teams to work together. Learn how Stibo Systems’ PLM puts data at the center of your product development process, integrating and streamlining process workflows, all the way from product ideation to commercialization.

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bring order to your data with Product Lifecycle Management
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Master your product lifecycle processes
to enable digital transformation.

Speed-to-Market@2x-1 Accelerate time to market Provide stakeholders with design, sourcing and development resources, using centralized product information.
icon_84x84_person heart Increase sales & consumer loyalty

Create products consumers want, with the consistency and quality they expect.

Global-Support@2x-1 Support global growth Implement standardized processes to support your business expansion while respecting localization needs.
icon_84x84_notes Improve decision making

Give teams the actionable insights and information they need to deliver better business outcomes.

Slash-Product-Cost@2x Slash development time & costs Extend development through launch while leveraging competitive intel to optimize cost variables and improve margins.
Ensure-Delivery-Time@2x Ensure on-time delivery Automate collaborative cross-functional product development processes to eliminate late deliveries.
Improve-Collaboration@2x Improve collaboration Boost innovation by removing communication barriers and improving idea and research sharing.
Boost-Operational-Performance@2x Boost operational performance Streamline development and eliminate costly data errors across business functions.
Data Sheet PLM and Product MDM Seamlessly transition into the sell phase of the product introduction process by combining Stibo Systems' PLM and Product MDM. With this solution, product introduction teams are an integrated part of the workflow, with instant access to all critical data from every step of the product development process.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Master Data Management (MDM)

Integrated product development processes
accelerate your time to value.

Planning and ideation

Bring your best ideas to fruition faster and ensure they win in the market. Manage requirements, pricing and branding information to make sure your upcoming products align with your organization’s roadmap.


planning and ideation with product lifecycle management
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New product development Streamline end-to-end processes across all teams empowering product development and reducing time to market. Gain competitive advantage by creating and developing winning products faster.
New product development with product lifecycle management
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Supplier management Increase collaboration and supply chain efficiency by engaging your suppliers early on in your product development process.
Supplier management with product lifecycle management
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Design and document management Create, review and link documents to your products all in the same system.
Document management with product lifecycle management
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of Stibo Systems’ customers report a time to value of less than 12 months.
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INDUSTRY SHEET PLM for food and formulation management Ensuring end-to-end information visibility and traceability related to developing, launching and maintaining food and consumer packaged products, Stibo Systems’ PLM helps companies manage accurate information such as recipes, formulation management, nutritional data and packaging.

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product lifecycle management (PLM) for the grocery and quick service restaurant industries
INDUSTRY SHEET PLM for retail, footwear and apparel Ensuring retailers can design, develop and launch their offerings utilizing advanced product workflow processes, PLM reduces time to market, manages suppliers globally and helps retailers stay on trend and quickly adapt to ever-changing consumer needs.

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product lifecycle management (PLM) for the retail, footwear and apparel industry

Taking product lifecycle management to the next level

Achieving Product Development Utopia How Stibo Systems’ Product Lifecycle Management puts data at the center of your product development process, integrating and streamlining process workflows, all the way from product ideation to commercialization. Get the Infographic
Increasing Market Share with Private Label Consumer Goods The growing popularity of private label brands is a boon for beleaguered retailers. But how can you capitalize on the private label trend? Read this fact sheet to learn about a few best practices to keep in mind. Get the Fact Sheet
How Product MDM and PLM Work Together to Enable Product 360° Views Combining PLM and Product MDM gives you a necessary 360° view into your products, helping you to reduce errors, save money, get to market quicker and satisfy customer needs. Get the White Paper
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