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Customer Master Data Management

Fuel your corporate initiatives with high-quality data to improve marketing, sales, customer service, compliance and more.

Customer Master Data Management
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Achieve business objectives and deliver operational excellence using customer data you can trust.

For both B2B and B2C, the age of the customer has changed the rules of engagement. Individuals and businesses alike expect superior experiences and for brands to know them early in their journey or before first contact.

Targeted campaigns, omnichannel outreach, account-based marketing and proactive cross-selling and upselling requires reliable customer data. Without it, your personalization and other strategic initiatives fail before they begin.

Stibo Systems’ Customer Master Data Management (CMDM) transforms how businesses achieve customer understanding by connecting, cleansing and enhancing customer data. It gives enterprises the foundation they need to make smarter decisions faster. In addition, they can more easily adhere to governance and regulatory compliance.

For greater agility, CMDM can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. Making it ideal for where your customers are today, and wherever they go tomorrow.

Product Preview Managing Customer Data

Highlights of mastering Customer Data with Stibo Systems - B2B and B2C. Customer 360, organization onboarding, exception management workflows, data quality, KPIs, record completeness, data quality policies and breach tracking, reference data, address quality scoring and enrichment with Loqate, and more.


Master your data to enable digital transformation and improve customer centricity.

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CMDM improves business outcomes.

CMDM improves business outcomes.

Create more customers and improve existing relationships with in-depth insight.

Improve data stewardship

Stibo Systems’ CMDM provides data stewards unique capabilities to onboard, consolidate and cleanse disconnected data. Advanced matching and algorithm technology facilitates the creation of a unified view of the customer. You can proactively examine and create useful summaries, such as data patterns, missing data, metric scores, values analysis and data outliers. Businesses can perform data monitoring and root cause analysis and take corrective actions.

Data stewardship
Power personalization

Businesses can effectively deliver on their 360° customer view strategy using CMDM. It provides a flexible, configuration-based data model that is capable of scaling to support general or complex data models, along with the relationships between data domains and hierarchies. Matching, linking and merge functionality identifies and handles duplicate records. With superior profiling, cleansing and enrichment capabilities, enterprises can drive 360° strategies that fuel CRM, ERP, ecommerce and other systems. 

CMDM Personalization
Leverage reliable data

Stibo Systems makes the day-to-day maintenance and management easy so that you can expect more from your data. In addition to core capabilities within the solution – such as identifying outdated records, rules for governance, data validation – CMDM also extends functionality by leveraging third-party integrations and a growing partner ecosystem. Experian, Loqate and D&B are just a few best-of-breed partners integrated with Stibo Systems' CMDM to provide customers with enhanced data validation and enrichment.

Leverage reliable data
Ensure compliance

Customer MDM bolsters regulatory compliance using effective data management that includes monitoring, enforcing and reporting. Companies can meet legal and industry requirements, such as GDPR, anti-money laundering regulations (AML), know your customer (KYC), banking industry mandates and more. By consolidating customer data across multiple systems, organizations can reduce reputational, legal and financial risks. They supply complete records across various systems and to numerous business units.

Compliance with CMDM
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