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Customer Master Data Management

Gain a complete view of your customer and business partner ecosystem and fuel your marketing, sales, customer experience and compliance initiatives with high-quality data using Customer MDM.
Customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM)

Deliver operational excellence and superior customer experiences using customer data you can trust.

Gaining a single customer view can be challenging with customer data scattered across multiple enterprise systems like CRM, ERP and CDP. Without trustworthy data and insights, companies can’t provide the personalized and consistent experiences individuals and businesses have come to expect.

Targeted campaigns, account-based marketing, proactive cross-selling and upselling, and omnichannel outreach require companies to have a unified, reliable view of their customers. Without it, personalization, marketing and other strategic initiatives will fail before they begin.

Stibo Systems Customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM) enables you to better understand your customers by consolidating, cleansing, enhancing and governing customer data. It gives retailers deeper insights into consumers’ history and preferences, while providing B2B companies a consolidated view of their direct and indirect customers.

With Customer MDM’s robust, centralized data foundation, you can improve operational agility, decision making and analytics, deliver superior customer experiences and drive greater revenues and efficiencies.

VIDEO: Customer MDM Great customer relationships start with great data

Customers today demand exceptional, personalized experiences. Winning their trust and loyalty requires accurate, high-quality data about who they are, what they want and how and where they want it. See how Stibo Systems Customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM) provides a foundation for profitable relationships by enabling the creation of a 360° view of your customers.

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Customer Master Data Management - customer relationships video about Customer MDM
EBOOK Transforming Business with Master Data Management For Dummies

Harness the power of data transparency and start making better business decisions using trusted data. Read Transforming Business with Master Data Management For Dummies and learn about using MDM to ensure data is accurate, updated and shareable across the enterprise value chain.

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customer master data management for dummies ebook

Provide your business with trusted, data-rich customer profiles using Customer MDM.

Enhance existing systems Enhance existing systems

Improve CRM, CDP, ERP and ecommerce with data deduplication and enrichment capabilities

Optimize the customer experience Optimize the customer experience

Deliver personalized, engaging experiences and offers using in-depth customer insights

Achieve a single customer view Achieve a single customer view

Maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities with a 360° view of the customer ecosystem

Ensure compliance Ensure compliance

Adhere to regulatory and industry compliance through improved data management processes

Increase revenue and profits Increase revenue and profits

Drive repeatable business with targeted loyalty programs based on customer preferences

Increase efficiency Increase efficiency

Optimize end-to-end processes with automated workflows and decreased error rates


Master your data to enable digital transformation
and improve customer centricity with Customer MDM.

Customer MDM for B2B Companies Unify your customer and business partner ecosystem to increase process efficiency, improve compliance and enhance sales operations using Customer MDM. Get the Solution Sheet
Building a Business Case for Customer Data Transparency Discover the 26 questions to ask when building a business case for customer data transparency in your financial service organization. Get the White Paper
Customer MDM for B2C Companies Meet consumers' evolving needs and expectations with personalized communication and omnichannel experiences using Customer MDM. Get the Solution Sheet
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A strategic approach to organizing, enhancing and automating customer data across the enterprise.
Organize Organize Support organizational and operational business processes with a robust and flexible data model. Gain insight into complex relationships between hierarchies and data domains to optimize value. Enhance Enhance Improve data quality with advanced matching, linking, profiling, cleansing and enrichment. Ensure data is fit for purpose with data quality monitoring, measurement and reporting. Automate Automate Increase organizational efficiency with automated and flexible workflow functionality, business rules, list processing, configurable interfaces, dashboards and reporting. Save time by enabling straight-through processing with consistent data standards.

Attract more customers and improve existing relationships with in-depth insight using Customer MDM.

Improve data stewardship

Make it easier for data stewards to onboard, consolidate and cleanse disconnected data.

Improve data stewardship with Customer Master Data Management
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Power personalization

Effectively deliver a 360° customer view with Customer MDM.

Power personalization with Customer Master Data Management and Customer MDM
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Optimize list processing

Improve preparation of customer and prospect data prior to business process consumption.

Optimize list processing
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Leverage reliable data

Extract more value from your data by simplifying day-to-day maintenance and management.

leverage reliable data with customer master data management
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Ensure compliance

Bolster regulatory compliance with effective customer data management, including monitoring, enforcement and reporting.

ensure compliance with customer master data management
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Empower your customer data platform (CDP) with accurate customer master data

CDPs and Customer MDM have overlapping capabilities. For that reason, many organizations have difficulties choosing between CDP and MDM. Both solutions aim at providing a 360° view of the customer.

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Achieve customer centricity by fueling your CDP with trusted master data

The success of your customer data platform depends very much on the quality of the customer data you feed into it. Learn the business benefits of combining MDM with CDP.

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EXECUTIVE BRIEF Maximize the value of your CRM investment with Customer MDM.

Because CRM has become so ubiquitous, it can be surprising for business and IT leaders to learn it can’t solve critical data challenges by itself. Start ensuring customer data quality and consistency across multiple CRM versions and other siloed apps by combining Customer MDM with CRM for maximum ROI.

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maximize the value of your crm investment with customer mdm and customer master data management
Success Stories

Unlock the power of information through better data management.

Ritual Cosmetics - Customer Master Data Management With Multidomain MDM, Rituals Cosmetics enables its finance and IT teams to make strategic decisions based on high quality data. Read the Success Story Nets - Customer Master Data Management Learn how multidomain master data management yields new business opportunities and cost reductions for Nets. Read the Success Story Sonepar - Customer Master Data Management Sonepar Canada leverages Multidomain MDM to effectively manage more data and increase data accuracy, without incurring additional costs. Read the Success Story
LET’S START CREATING A MORE TRANSPARENT WORLD Empower data transparency through MDM At Stibo Systems, our mission is to create the world’s most versatile master data management solutions, built to enable businesses to optimize their business, environmental and social performance. Connect with us today to start your journey to creating better business and a better world.
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