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Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company

Everything Retailers Need to Succeed. Nothing Else.

Life Just Got a Little Easier.

Product information management (PIM) built to win in a world where the new flagship store is digital.

Retail has always been competitive, but never as much as it is today. Especially for mid-sized companies operating across multiple channels. Evolving customer and industry trends means quickly onboarding accurate, up-to-date product information and content to expand assortments and deliver consistent, personalized, transparent retail experiences. Anything less is no longer an option.

Stibo Systems PIM for Retail is a cloud-based solution purpose-built to enable dynamic, fast-moving retailers to keep pace with, or outrun, larger rivals. Available in three packages, scaled to needs by number of users, with preconfigured workflows, business rules, data models and intuitive UX. Add implementation/support by expert Stibo Systems partners and you are ready for whatever comes next.

Better product information = better retail business. That’s the idea behind Stibo Systems PIM for Retail.

PIM for Retail includes everything mid-market retailers need to automate and synchronize accurate, trusted product data and content across enterprise and digital platforms. In addition to pre-configured retail-ready best practices it includes an intuitive UX, seamless ERP integration, built-in workflows, a business rules engine to support data quality and hierarchies based on leading standards to ensure accurate, efficient categorization.

It also includes built-in cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) and product data onboarding to speed acquisition of updated information across all channels. The end result is better quality product data, which empowers better, more profitable business.

PIM for Retail is a complete, pre-packaged SaaS offering, built to enable mid-sized retailers to:

  • Speed product onboarding and time to market
  • Quickly scale product assortments
  • Enable better, faster, more confident, trusted decisions
  • Eliminate costly, error-prone manual processes
  • Accelerate revenue and growth
  • Improve time to value and ROI and reduce TCO

A proven platform to source and scale product information to drive mid-market retail speed and growth.

PIM for Retail is built on the same, proven, integrated platform as Stibo Systems Master Data Management solutions. The result is a flexible, scalable enterprise-grade PIM solution built to deliver:

Rapid retail time to value Rapid retail time to value Move quickly using pre-defined modules, data models, and business rules and processes. Accelerated time-to-market Accelerated time-to-market Onboard new vendors and expand product assortments quickly via automated retail ready workflows. Accurate, trusted data Accurate, trusted data Fuel business processes with consistent, trustworthy, updated information and content across all channels. Retail creativity & growth Retail creativity & growth Fuel digital transformation and retail creativity by delivering accurate, high-quality data everywhere it is needed. Efficiency and agility Efficiency and agility Rapid implementation, automated processes and trustworthy data enable better, faster decisions and ROI. Data transparency Data transparency Consumers want more information to make smart purchases. High-quality content and data can win their trust.

PIM for Retail is available in three customized packages to maximize mid-market ROI, time to market and value.

Three cloud-based options to meet the unique needs of mid-market retailers, with the flexibility and scalability to evolve and grow. Contact Nexer for more information and pricing.

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Features/capabilities PIM for Retail/
PIM for Retail/
PIM for Retail/
# Users 10 40 60
# Products 50,000 200,000 300,000
# STEP (platform) instances 1 prod – 1 sandbox 1 prod – 1 sandbox 1 prod – 2 sandbox
# Internal integrations (ERP, etc.) 1 2 4
# External integrations (ecommerce, etc.) 1 4 8
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To learn more, contact Gunnar.Schonfeldt@nexergroup.com
VIDEO Stibo Systems. Delivering better data, better business and a better world.

Data is the lifeblood of business. But as it continues to grow in complexity, it can become inaccurate and outdated, leading to uncertainty and distrust. At Stibo Systems, we’re committed to harnessing the power of data transparency, enabling businesses to create a single, accurate view of their data. With greater data transparency, businesses can empower consumers to make informed decisions about their purchases, earning their trust and loyalty.

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Seamless product data onboarding provides automated feedback/updates to suppliers ensuring data quality.

PIM for Retail/MM40 and MM60 include PDX Onboarding, a feature-rich solution enabling the exchange of product information and content between retailers who need to receive it and manufacturers, distributors and partners who provide it. Unlike similar solutions, it allows retail requirements to flow directly to manufacturers. As requirements are updated, manufacturers are automatically notified, ensuring retailers are always capturing the most accurate information to fuel business success.


Trusted by retail innovators worldwide.

When it comes to trusted data, Stibo Systems is the name forward thinking retailers around the world have come to trust. In addition to solutions for product information and master data management, our customers (a small selection shown here) find value being part of our global online community where they can connect and enhance their knowledge with industry peers.

From Stibo Systems, the trusted name in product information and master data management. A longtime leader in PIM and master data management, with deep experience in global retail, Stibo Systems knows trust has always been a prized commodity. That is the spirit behind the launch of PIM for Retail to the mid-market space. Working closely with select partners, we’re on a mission to empower retailers to leverage the power of better data, to instill trust. Enabling them to drive better business and ultimately, a better world for all.

Characteristics that set Stibo Systems apart include:
  • Proven expertise, with a track record of success with 500+ companies
  • Seamless, flexible, scalable technology platform for all solutions
  • Ongoing commitment to customer success
  • Independent, foundational ownership means we are a great long-term partner
  • Collaborative culture which also reflects on the quality of our mid-market implementation partners
  • Global mindset, with strong Danish roots behind a team of 750 people in 20 offices worldwide