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Together, customer experience and product personalization are now leading drivers for change in your industry.

One-size insurance products don’t fit all. Cookie-cutter data solutions don’t either.

The customer experience and product personalization are the leading drivers for insurance companies to evolve new offerings and engagements.

Knowing your customer is the first requirement for delivering better customer experiences.

Accelerate the ability to know your customers by employing master data management, providing you with a trusted data foundation.

Your party, product, contract and financial reference data must be accurate, accessible and fit for personalized customer experiences.

MDM ROI CALCULATOR Put a figure on the return on your data management investment

Data management projects are hard to quantify. There is great financial value to be gained from improving data quality and automating data processes. But how do you estimate it? The ROI Calculator can help you build your business case for master data management.

ROI calculator for the insurance industry
Launch new products and services built from your existing data.
customer experiences
Customer experiences
operational efficiency
Operational efficiency
customer engagement
Customer engagement
single customer view
Single customer view

Leverage master data management to drive insight, make better decisions and improve business agility.

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The trusted name in master data management

For seamless integration across systems and processes, connect your data with our open API and 100+ connectors to partners like Azure, SAP, Amazon, PowerBI, Qlik, Oracle and 1worldsync.
Our master data management SaaS solutions are built with scalable, cloud-native technology, providing you with a more affordable and reliable way to optimize your most critical data.
Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management ensures unified governance across all data domains. Using common technology, the platform creates and manages new zones of insight to support data-driven decision making.


Let's talk about how master data management can bring data transparency to your business with an easy and scalable solution.
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