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Together, customer experience and product personalization are now leading drivers for change in your industry.

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One-size insurance products don’t fit all. Cookie-cutter data solutions don’t either.

The customer experience and product personalization are the leading drivers for insurance companies to evolve new offerings and engagements.

Knowing your customer is the first requirement for delivering better customer experiences.

Accelerate the ability to know your customers by employing master data management, providing you with a trusted data foundation.

Your party, product, contract and financial reference data must be accurate, accessible and fit for personalized customer experiences.

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Leverage master data management to drive insight, make better decisions and improve business agility.

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Launch new products and services
built from your existing data.

From customer-centric to solution-centric

Improving customer experience continues to be a priority for insurance companies who want to retain and develop customer relationships.

Key to a truly customer-centric approach is to address customer problems rather than promoting a product.

However, with the amount of available data, insurance carriers have potential to develop not just customer-centric products but solution-based offers that take individual lifestyles and behavior into account.

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from customer-centric to solution-centric with master data management for insurance
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Achieve operational efficiency with actionable, accurate and trusted information

Good data is key to supporting the consolidation and automation of existing insurance processes. CDOs and data scientists are finding themselves on the front line of helping to support operational efficiency in addition to duties for regulatory compliance.

achieve operational efficiency with actionable information with master data management for insurance companies
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Delight your customers with more – and better – ways to engage with you

Digital transformation and new customer experience initiatives depend on trusted information sources accessible across the organization.

New sources of trusted master data are needed to support initiatives such as:

delight your customers with a good customer experience using master data management for insurance
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Single view of the insurance customer

Having a single view of the relationship you have with your customer across all lines of business, touchpoints, applications and processes is a critical capability in order to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction with digital self-service, responsive customer services and personalized products and services
  • Reduce cost to serve with automated underwriting and claims management
  • Automate compliance and risk management
Single view of the insurance customer - master data management insurance
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Leverage master data management to improve operational efficiency and discover new business opportunities.

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