Data Quality


Improve the accuracy and consistency of information across your business

Gartner research suggests the average financial impact of poor data quality on organisations is $9.7 million per year. Yet today, organisational data typically resides in separate systems owned by different departments or users.

This impacts the quality and usability of the data as omissions, errors and duplicate information are quickly introduced, affecting the users and systems that consume it - negatively impacting your business. So, how can your organisation maintain confidence?

Stibo Systems' Master Data Management platform, STEP, provides a comprehensive approach and the necessary functionality to maintain robust data quality throughout your organisation.

STEP gives you the confidence that you are always delivering correct and current information to the right recipients. By taking advantage of STEP you can improve and maintain your data quality by:

  • Ensuring the consistency and accuracy of your data through governance rules and processes
  • Having confidence in your information by using advanced detection, validation and deduplication of data
  • Creating a centralised source of truth by integrating and consolidating data from multiple sources
Marks & Spencer

Success Story

Success Story


Learn why Newell Brands chose STEP to centralise and enrich product data for their 100+ brands

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