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Multidomain Master Data Management

Manage multiple data domains using a single integrated solution to drive business agility, strategic innovation and digital transformation.
Multidomain Master Data Management - Multidomain MDM

Deliver superior business outcomes with a single solution built to drive competitive success.

Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management solution connects, manages and shares data from multiple internal and external sources to provide a foundation of high-quality enterprise data, ready to drive business performance and success.

Our innovative multidomain solution consolidates master data from across domains into a single source of truth that you can leverage to improve business processes and deliver customer-centric outcomes.

It seamlessly integrates information across the enterprise, applications and systems to provide data accuracy, visibility and transparency spanning customers, products, locations and more.

Multidomain MDM significantly expands the benefits beyond what traditional MDM or PIM (product information management) solutions can approach. It also enables the creation of a centralized Digital Business Hub that collects data once to drive superior business decisions and outcomes across the enterprise.

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Customer experience, time-to-market and your ability to compete depend on the quality and availability of your data. A multidomain MDM solution capable of managing data across domains, on one platform, enables you to drive new digital initiatives and put your data to work where you need it most to ensure your success.

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Unlock the value of your master data with multidomain mdm

Drive efficiency and insight with a true multidomain solution across all domains.

There are many types of master data. Using MDM to manage any of them alone offers significant advantages. Combining them with a single on-premises or cloud-based solution opens up entirely new opportunities, as well as unique, actionable insights at the intersections of data domains.

Product data Rich and accurate product data helps customers make informed buying decisions. Studies show giving people better information and content boosts online sales and reduces returns. High-quality product data also facilitates accelerated vendor onboarding. Learn More Customer data Accurate, timely and complete customer data improves business initiatives and streamlines processes for both B2B and B2C companies. It drives accurate segmentation and reporting, more personalized experiences, increased sales, regulatory compliance and more. Learn More Supplier data Store and access all data related to your suppliers in one repository and reference it to any other data domain to achieve a 360° view. This results in greater control, closer relationships and an improved supplier and product onboarding process. Learn More Location data Location data is essential for managing your physical stores, offices, warehouses and more. Combine location data with product and supplier data to gain better insight into your data supply chain. Learn More Party data Mastering party data allows you to create the relationships that are vital to gain an accurate understanding of the value of each of your records. It makes it easier to identify customers and provide better customer service. Learn More Reference data Keeping reference data fields such as country, currency and conversions up-to-date is critical to making key business decisions, understanding their impact on the performance of your systems and meeting regulatory compliance. Learn More Asset data Managing asset data with disparate systems across departments can drag down data quality. With all asset data linked together in a central repository you have an accurate overview of who is using what equipment, where it is stored, and when it was maintained and by whom. Learn More Employee data Employees are valuable assets. Managing employee data in a centralized MDM solution enables you to connect it with other domains and gain new insights, such as which employees have worked on what projects, where they’re located and their skill levels. Learn More Ledger data MDM prevents ERP from becoming a ledger data silo. By connecting ERP with other systems and third-party sources, MDM enhances efficiency and becomes your single source of truth, consolidating product data as well as supplier and vendor information. Learn More Vendor data For manufacturers, trustworthy and visible vendor data is crucial to secure correct billing, achieve compliance with vendor and end-consumer demands and quickly expand with new vendors who are typically retailers, the manufacturing company’s B2B customer. Learn More
Blog The Differences Between Multiple Domain and Multidomain MDM – and Why You Need to Know.

People often use the terms “multidomain” and “multiple domain” interchangeably. But there are inherent differences. It turns out, not all multidomain solutions are created equal. Learn more.

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Learn more about Multidomain Master Data Management.

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Manage, govern and connect data across domains to drive insights, competitive advantage, innovation and growth.

Product Data Efficient workflows and positive customer experiences start with trustworthy product data

Managing hundreds, thousands or even millions of products, and their associated data and content, is extremely challenging.

Multidomain MDM - trustworthy Product Data
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Customer Data Create personalized experiences with consolidated customer data across all systems and channels

In many industries, CX has already overtaken product and price as your most important differentiator. Customers demand personalized, consistent, relevant experiences regardless of how they interact with your company.

personalized experience with consolidated Customer Data
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Supplier data Efficient supply chains begin with accurate data and better collaboration

You need to understand and collaborate with your supply chain. However, relevant supplier information is often spread out across systems and departments, leading to inefficiencies in supplier onboarding, communication and management.

get efficient supplier data with multidomain mdm
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Location data Uncover hidden insights by cross-referencing location data with other information

Inaccurate or inconsistent location data can reduce efficiency and expose you to unnecessary risk. Multidomain MDM enables you to keep it up-to-date.

Cross-referencing location data with Multidomain MDM
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Party Data Party data is more complex than customers alone. Mastering it improves data privacy, quality and more

With the rise of privacy regulations such as GDPR, mastering party data has become critical.

mastering party data with multidomain mdm
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Reference data Conform to standards and regulations and remain compliant with accurate reference data

Reference data determines allowed values for fields such as country, currency and conversions. Keeping these values up-to-date is critical since they affect key business decisions, impact the performance of your systems and are needed to meet regulatory compliance.

accurate reference data with multidomain master data management
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Asset Data Manage physical assets for analysis and maintenance, wherever they are

Managing and tracking physical assets – such as equipment, buildings, materials and parts – can be costly when done ineffectively due to loss of assets, and increased maintenance costs and downtime.

manage psysical Asset Data with Multidomain MDM
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EMPLOYEE DATA Get to know your greatest asset: your workforce

All organizations face the challenge of attracting and retaining the best talent in their field. But when your employee data is spread out in silos across your organization, it’s hard to get a true view of each employee.

manage your employee data with a multidomain master data management solution
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LEDGER DATA Synchronize your ledger data to achieve a single source of truth across the enterprise

The general ledger, which is part of ERP, contains every company's most vital data.

gather ledger data with a multidomain mdm solution
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VENDOR DATA Understand complex vendor landscapes to mitigate risk and assess customer value

For manufacturers, vendors are customers, often retailers. A single source of vendor data enables them to understand exactly who they are selling to and how to optimize their trade spend and promotions.

understand complex vendor data with multidomain mdm
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Learn more about our Multidomain MDM solutions.

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Learn how Master Data Management can be influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  In this on-demand webinar, our experts cover the benefits, the challenges and ways to overcome those challenges using AI and ML with MDM.

Can You Master Your Data without multidomain master data management
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Unlock the power of information through better data management.

sonepar-logo-white Sonepar Canada leverages Multidomain MDM to effectively manage more data and increase data accuracy, without incurring additional costs. Read the Success Story logo_sgmw_white How a General Motors joint venture uses a Multidomain MDM solution to gain visibility and streamline their business processes. Read the Success Story logo_rituals_white With Multidomain MDM, Rituals Cosmetics enables its finance and IT teams to make strategic decisions based on good data. Read the Success Story
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