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Multidomain Master Data Management

Manage multiple data domains using a single integrated solution to drive new market insights and business agility.
Multidomain Master Data Management

Improve information quality and trust using integrated data throughout your organization.

Stibo Systems' Master Data Management is a multidomain solution built on a single, scalable platform that connects and syndicates master data across several data domains.

With Multidomain MDM you can leverage data from across the enterprise to create a single source of truth that enables superior-decision making and business outcomes. The solution eliminates data silos and seamlessly integrates information from multiple domains and business systems.

It provides complete and consistent data accuracy and visibility across customers, products, locations and different lines of business, including ecommerce, logistics and manufacturing.

The ability to combine domains enables you to deliver superior insights and operational efficiency than with any traditional MDM or product information management (PIM) solution.

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Connecting All Your Data Assets Expand your solution according to evolving business needs by easily adding multiple data domains to the same platform.

The solution is fully scalable for both the number of domains as well as the volume of data records and attributes.

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Multidomain MDM addresses rapidly unfolding market trends.
Globalization A solution that works across the enterprise, capable of addressing both local requirements and multiple languages. Business agility Adapt to evolving market conditions using Multidomain MDM that scales with your business. Customer experience Combine customer data from different systems into a single “golden record” to enable personalized experiences. Digital transformation Explore innovative new business initiatives through enablement of emerging technologies and by turning master data into an actionable strategic asset. Merchandizing Leverage a single source of truth for your product and customer data that supports private labeling, dynamic assortments and targeted product branding. Time to value The flexibility of Multidomain MDM allows new integrations and adding attributes that drive value without time consuming reprogramming. Process optimization Data syndication and synchronization ensures the use of quality data for every workflow. Sustainability Facilitate documentation of materials, supplier certifications and recyclability. Compliance Provide data visibility for compliance with industry and trade standards as well as privacy regulations.
What is Master Data Management Turning master data into a valuable strategic business asset

MDM enables innovative companies to achieve great results. A great place to start is with our comprehensive guide, What is Master Data Management?

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What is Master Data Management?

Multidomain MDM enables you to unlock the value of data.

Product Data Efficient workflows and positive customer experiences start with trustworthy product data

Multidomain MDM Product Data
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Customer Data Create personalized experiences with consolidated customer data across all channels

By 2020, “CX” will overtake product and price as your most important differentiator. Customers demand personalized, consistent and relevant experiences regardless of how they interact with your company.

Customer Data
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Asset Data Manage your physical assets for analysis and maintenance, no matter where they are

Managing and tracking physical assets – such as equipment, buildings, materials and parts – can be costly when done ineffectively due to higher maintenance costs, loss of assets and increased downtime.

Asset Data
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Supplier data Efficient supply chain begins with accurate data and better collaboration

You need to understand and collaborate with your supply chain. However, relevant supplier information is often spread out across systems and departments, leading to inefficiencies in supplier onboarding, communication and management.

Employee data
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Reference data Conform to standards and regulations and remain compliant with correct reference data

Reference data determines allowed values for fields such as country, currency and conversions. Keeping these values up-to-date is critical since they affect key business decisions, impact the performance of your systems and are needed to meet regulatory compliance.

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Location data Uncover hidden insights by cross-referencing location data with other information

Inaccurate or inconsistent location data can reduce the effectiveness of your enterprise and expose you to unnecessary risk.

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