Anders Højte


Anders Højte is responsible for Stibo Systems' global Legal department, our India operations team and our Risk, Security and Compliance team. Anders is also responsible for the global People and Culture organization and the buildout of global business practices. As part of his responsibilities, Anders is also handling our crisis response.

It is a driving force for Anders to bring new ideas from design to implementation. He works by the vision that change opens doors to growth and new opportunities.  He constantly challenges the status quo and strives to be at the forefront of business development.

Anders joined Stibo Systems from a position as Director of Ambulance Service in southern Sweden. He has held operational leadership roles within Danish software businesses and as well as a Nordic-based executive network company. For Anders it has been important to work for companies with high quality and a value-based DNA — a clear north from 23 years of service as an army career officer in the Danish Armed Forces where, amongst other topics, he trained in Crisis Management at the NATO Academy in Oberammergau.

Anders holds a master’s degree in strategic management from the Royal Danish Defence College.


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