Better data = better business.

Success in the digital economy requires a firm grasp of master data to know exactly what your customers want, when they want it. Stibo Systems empowers you to deliver it, creating a single version of the truth to drive better decisions, experiences and outcomes, and to address critical initiatives including:

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Digital transformation Digital transformation Implement and accelerate data driven change to drive innovation and competitive differentiation
Data Quality Icon Data quality Accurate consistent data fuels trust, confidence and decisions that drive business success
Time To Value Icon Time to value Accelerate your ROI with data driven insights that increase upsell, cross-sell and growth
Customer Centricity Icon Customer centricity Deliver personalized experiences to keep customers happy, engaged and coming back
Improved Compliance Improved compliance Ensure governance and compliance and reduce risk by eliminating error prone processes
Speed-to-market Speed-to-market Launch and onboard products faster and drive collaborative agility across the entire value chain
MASTER MULTIPLE DATA DOMAINS Empower your people with the multidomain MDM advantage.

Breaking down data silos that inhibit the flow and accuracy of data is an essential aspect of MDM. Yet, many traditional master data and earlier gen product information management (PIM) solutions present barriers of their own by taking a singular approach to MDM.

The ability to integrate data across domains – including product, customer, asset, supplier, location and more – and to drive unique insights that fuel informed and agile decisions, is one of many things that sets Stibo Systems’ solutions apart.

In a world where the only constant is change, an MDM solution built for your evolving needs is critical to both short and long term success.


Solutions focused on Your business first.

Multiple solutions on a single integrated platform – delivered on-premises or in the cloud – built for your organization’s unique objectives and needs.

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The Master Data Management Company.

Offering a broad range of benefits including:

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