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Mark your calendars for Connect 2021

Virtual Event | Nov 2-4, 2021

What to expect at our Connect Conference.

icon_person_signal_2c The focus is on you Stibo Systems always puts you, our customers, first by featuring presentations and discussions that address real and unique customer needs.
icon_arrow_shuffle_2c Transformative knowledge Stibo Systems has been 100% focused on MDM for 20+ years. You gain insight from a leader that champions the strategic value of master data and works to pass on their passion and knowledge to you.
icon_award_check_2c A great, actionable experience Collaboration is essential to driving successful experience through MDM. Stibo Systems’ conferences do the same, so prepare for an engaging experience and to have fun, too.
icon_document_text_search_2c Insight and value In the end, MDM is about driving insights and efficiencies that lead to growth and positive outcomes. Stibo Systems events let you share and discover insights that support your success.
Connect 2021 Call for Speakers

We want to feature your amazing success story and the value you’ve gained from mastering data! Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your thought leadership and industry experience at our Connect events.

Call for Speakers
Call for Speakers

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Stay Updated Connect 2021 Global Virtual Connect 2021 will take place between November 2-4. If you are interested in attending, speaking, or just want to stay informed please fill out this form.