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The most important ingredient in Stibo Systems’ people-centric approach is great people. Read on to learn about joining a diverse, dynamic global team.

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MDM is a unique, exciting space. Stibo Systems is a unique, exciting company. Ready to get started?

As a long-time leader in MDM solutions that empower companies to drive innovation and growth, Stibo Systems has successfully built a team of dedicated, passionate, visionary individuals.

Our people are thinkers and doers with the intelligence, drive, insight and curiosity required to help customers conquer complex business and IT challenges by leveraging the power of master data.

Stibo Systems is comprised of a diverse workforce of people who believe in collaboration and teamwork, enjoy taking on responsibility and who share values like honesty, humility, integrity and respect.

Those who join will find a uniquely stable and friendly environment with a focus on the importance and value of our people.

A uniquely stable company, in an industry typically known for non-stop change.

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Foundationally held Foundationally-held Stibo Systems is not public or planning an IPO and can’t be sold. We’re owned by highly stable foundation.
Independent Independent Our unique structure enables us to focus on building long-term customer relationships vs. the short-term bottom line.
We invest in our people We invest in our people With roots dating to 1794, the foundation is in it for the long term and treats people accordingly.
Great-Actionable-Experience@2x Values that run deep Stibo Systems is a socially responsible company. We prize integrity, honesty and humility, and it shows.

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What makes Stibo Systems a great place to be?

Find out more Stibo Systems offers a rewarding and interesting, people focused work environment. Anyone interested in becoming part of a company that puts employees and customers first, connect with us today.
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