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Product Master Data Management

Acquire, manage and share product data across your enterprise to feed consistent, accurate and timely information to systems, people and trading partners.
Product Master Data Management

Build your brand experience by getting the right information to the right places at the right time.

The current customer-centric digital business environment has made accurate, timely product data as central to success as the product itself. Managing and sharing that information – which spans a complex array of attributes, relationships, records and assets – is a process that exceeds the capability of traditional product information management (PIM). Delivering the experience necessary to succeed today requires an agile solution.
Stibo Systems’ Product MDM (PMDM) enables you to create a single, centralized version of the truth, and share that content in real-time with total confidence throughout your value chain. PMDM also provides the necessary data governance to maintain integrity, drive operational efficiency and create data-driven competitive advantage.

Beyond product information management: A platform for digital transformation, insight and growth.

Humble-Confidence@2x-1 Enhanced experiences Consistent, accurate data fuels engaging customer experiences
Optimized performance Optimized performance Increase upsell/cross-sell and drive efficiency and time to value
stibo-asset_reduce-risk@2x Reduced risk Ensure compliance and governance and eliminate error prone processes
Insight-and-Value@2x Trusted data/content Data quality builds confidence, trust and loyalty with value chain partners
stibo-asset_speed-to-market@2x Faster time-to-market Launch and onboard products faster leveraging automated workflows
Confidence-and-Collaboration@2x Improved communication Eliminate barriers internally and with partners to fuel collaboration

Product Master Data Management Resources

Product Master Data Management The ultimate customer experience begins with product data. Learn how to achieve it with Stibo Systems’ Product MDM. Get the Data Sheet
How to manage product data during mergers & acquisitions Mergers & acquisitions pose a challenge to CIOs with the assignment of managing a doubled IT infrastructure and combining two or more product databases into a single product classification system. Read the Blog Post
The New Rules of Business Success: The Four P’s Are Out. The Six P’s Are In. Introducing the six P’s of managing product data. Master these six new rules and steer your product data initiatives to success. Get the Fact Sheet
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A strategic approach to acquiring, managing and sharing product information and content across the value chain.
Acquire Consolidate information from multiple, siloed internal and external sources. Then transform it into a common structure by cleansing, validating and mapping it to your data model. Manage Launch products faster using high-quality data and streamlined processes. Control and enrich record hierarchy, structure, validations, approvals, versioning, attributes, descriptions, and more. Share Drive speed, efficiency and experience by easily sharing data across channels. Ensure consistent reliable internal access and syndicate to customers, vendors, suppliers and value chain partners.

A complete solution that powers game-changing agility, insights and outcomes.

Product data syndication Share, syndicate or onboard product information and content to drive data quality, agility and time-to-market.

Product data syndication
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Content quality and enrichment Achieve competitive advantage using high-quality enriched product data, and relevant localized content.

Content quality and enrichment
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Data modeling & governance Create a single source of truth using rules, controls and workflows to drive superior decisions and results.

Data modeling & governance
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Optimize digital assets Image deduplication, digital asset management and machine learning to drive SEO and marketing efficiency.

Optimize digital assets
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Product data integration Keep data touchpoints synchronized with integrations that enable informed decisions and superior outcomes.

Product data integration
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Conform to industry standards Drive productivity and time to value and access new markets with out of the box support for leading formats.

Conform to industry standards
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Product data sourcing Acquire and onboard data with speed and efficiency with tools that enable faster time-to-market.

Product data sourcing
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Print publishing Deliver superior content with tools to drive experiences across both traditional and digital channels.

Print publishing
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1 The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management Solutions, Q2 2018, which recognized Stibo Systems as a “Leader” in the space.
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