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Meet our trusted product master data management system, Product MDM, and accurately collect, organize, and share key product information throughout your entire enterprise.

Let Stibo Systems strengthen your value chain

Does your company keep track of critical product information and data, such as product names, descriptions, categories, prices, and more? Believe it or not, the way you handle product information management (PIM) can directly impact your value chain, which determines the success of your business.

In fact, proper data management can significantly improve your business’s competitive advantage. According to a 2023 McKinsey survey of 35 chief procurement officers (CPOs), “the vast majority said they lacked technology platforms that could perform thorough, integrated, real-time data.” Without a proper system to manage their data, participants reported that “less than 20 percent of their organizations’ available procurement data was currently used.”

This makes getting ahead of the competition simple — all you have to do is use the available data at your fingertips. With millions of products and services on the market, there’s no better time to start organizing your product information with trusted master data management software like Product MDM from Stibo Systems.

Stibo Systems offers the necessary tools and technologies to establish a reliable, single source of truth that can improve operational efficiency and reinforce every link in your value chain.


What We Offer: Stibo System’s Product Data Management at a Glance

  • AI Tools: Utilize artificial intelligence for data insights.
  • Asset Protection: Safeguard your valuable data assets.
  • Central Repository: Store all product data in one accessible location.
  • Data Modeling: Create and manage data models for better organization.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): Organize and manage digital assets.
  • Error Handling and Validation: Detect and correct data errors.
  • Image Solutions: Manage and optimize product images.
  • Industry-Specific Features: Find tailored features for various industries.
  • Integrated Import Manager: Seamlessly import data from various sources.
  • Integration Tools: Connect and unify diverse data sources.
  • Machine Learning-Based Auto-Classification: Automatically classify data using machine learning.
  • Mapping Tools: Map data fields between different systems.
  • Modeling and Governance Features: Define, monitor, and manage data policies and standards.
  • Open Platform: Easily integrate with other systems and tools.
  • PDX Syndication Integration: Distribute product data across platforms.
  • Performance Optimization: Enhance product performance and efficiency.

Go Beyond PIM to Accelerate Your Growth

Get to know Stibo’s Product MDM features by understanding how they fit into your product lifecycle:

Data Sourcing

Stibo’s product master data management enables you to efficiently collect, collate, and onboard accurate, up-to-date information from a broad range of internal and external sources, including manufacturers, brand owners, and content service providers.

Our integrated import manager enables enhanced onboarding through Smartsheets, supplier item Web UI, and GDSN subscriptions. These tools make it easier to ingest data, ensuring it’s available for effective use within business processes.

Data Modeling & Governance

Product MDM leverages data modeling, roles, workflows, business rules, and controls to efficiently guide and govern how data is used, managed, and shared across your business’s ecosystem.

This solution features machine learning-based auto-classification and powerful mapping tools to associate products with multiple classification structures, domains, entities, and assets. These provide univocal terms of reference to support superior decision-making and business results.

With Product MDM, users can implement and enforce policies from the start, unlike many traditional PIM solutions, which often lack the ability to create golden records or match and link products. This ability ensures stability and consistency across all touchpoints.

In addition to standard attributes, classifications, and references, Product MDM offers additional modeling and governance features to deliver trusted data to meet specific industry needs. These include rule-based product classification, supply chain packaging, hierarchy management, a data catalog connector, and fast-start prescriptive support for vertical markets.

Data Sharing & Syndication

Our proven importing and exporting approach conforms to leading industry standards, ensuring trading partners adhere to the same guidelines. This includes performance optimization for GDSN, for onboarding and publishing GS1 formatted data, enhanced support for the AutoCare and TecDoc automotive standards, and continuous updates to the BMEcat, ECLASS, ETIM, and UNSPSC classification systems.

Additionally, Stibo Systems PDX Syndication interoperates seamlessly with Stibo Systems Product MDM solution, enabling manufacturers to deliver consistent, high-quality product information and content formatted to meet retailers’ unique data standards or channel requirements.

PDX Syndication’s seamless integrations and optimized workflows allow data standards and requirements to be automatically managed and updated, making it easy to meet evolving data needs.

Data Integration

A rigid product master data policy demands all data touchpoints be synchronized with the system of record. Product MDM can function as the central repository for this data, as well as the primary source of information and content to be distributed to downstream systems and applications. Stibo Systems’ open platform supports a growing list of inbound and outbound integrations, including tools to assign and manage unique global identifiers to attributes across the enterprise.

Integrations include MongoDB, Amazon SQS, SAP Material Master Connector, Hybris, and Ariba CIF/cXML, as well as outbound data integration using traditional ETL techniques.

Organizations implementing Product MDM with other apps will find this combination, along with our existing integration suite (Oracle AQ/JMS/IBM Websphere/REST/JSON), offers a wide variety of options to quickly realize business objectives.

Content Quality & Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Product MDM ensures data is accurate and fit for purpose by leveraging a range of tools for maintaining and enriching content. This includes enhanced error handling/data validation features that flag errors between sessions, accuracy, completeness, and sufficiency metrics, and configurable faceted search.

Product MDM also includes integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM), which enables the organization, storage, and retrieval of constantly growing volumes and varieties of unstructured content, including images, audio, video, animations, and other digital assets.

With our asset protection solutions, you can safeguard your asset ownership, integrity, and copyrights by previewing watermarks before applying them to content. We also include features to simplify image/content management, including an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) adapter.

We have many image solutions available, such as image meta-tagging and AI/machine learning, which automatically classifies and enriches assets with metadata via the Google Cloud Vision API. This saves time manually tagging images to enable search, matching, and linking. Image deduplication with AI/machine learning identifies and removes duplicate images to maintain library efficiency, speed up image selection and performance, and reduce storage requirements.

Why Stibo Systems for Product Master Data Management?

Trusted Product Data

Bring all your product information together from multiple, siloed internal and external systems and sources. Our solution cleanses, validates, and maps this data to your model, transforming it into a unified, reliable resource you can trust.

Faster Time to Market

Get your products to market faster with our high-quality data and efficient processes. Manage and enrich record hierarchies, structures, validations, approvals, versions, attributes, and descriptions with ease, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Engaging Experiences

Easily share your data across various channels to enhance speed, efficiency, and user experience. Ensure consistent, reliable access for internal teams and seamlessly syndicate information to customers, vendors, suppliers, and value chain partners.


Should You Choose Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) is a critical practice for organizations aiming to maintain a single, consistent, and accurate view of their core business data.

Improved Data Quality

MDM ensures that your data is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date, which is essential for making informed business decisions.

Enhanced Compliance

By maintaining clean and precise data, MDM helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly penalties.

Operational Efficiency

With centralized data management, MDM reduces redundancies and streamlines operations, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Better Customer Insights

MDM enables a unified view of customer data, improving customer service and personalization efforts.

Support for Business Growth

As your business scales, MDM provides the data integrity needed to support expansion and new initiatives.

Improved Decision-Making

Reliable and accurate data from MDM allows for better strategic planning and quicker, more confident decision-making.

Data Governance

MDM provides a framework for data governance, ensuring data policies and standards are adhered to across the organization.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

With a single source of truth, different departments can collaborate more effectively, reducing silos and improving overall productivity.

Increased Agility

MDM helps businesses adapt to market changes swiftly by providing accurate and up-to-date data for agile decision-making.


Investing in MDM prepares your organization for future technological advancements and data management needs.
Customer References You Can Trust

McDonald's Success Story

McDonald's started its MDM journey by managing the supplier master data domain and is now working on implementing a PIM solution. Watch the full video with Alex Bähr, Director of Supply Chain Products, to hear more about their business objectives and how their KPI has improved over time. WATCH THE VIDEO
logo_marks and spencer_white Marks and Spencer Marks & Spencer, the British international multichannel retailer, used Product MDM to automate data entry and reduce errors, allowing for the management of detailed content on multiple websites. logo_siemens_white Siemens SBT emerged from several different acquisitions, resulting in siloed data management. With Product MDM, they gained a single source and were able to consolidate and remove 98 % of data errors. logo_kelloggs Kelloggs The Kellogg Company, a food and beverage manufacturer, used Product MDM to create a single version of the truth for all products globally, improve the accuracy and validation of product and nutrition information, and launch products faster.

Stibo Systems Has Your Back

Stibo Systems is a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management, Q4 2023

Learn more about Stibo Systems' "balanced, market-tested solution", its "deep heritage and investment in innovation", and how it "continues to be a good fit for large enterprises seeking a balanced solution with product information as the central domain to help enterprise data evolve to the next level.”

Questionable Product Data. Questionable Decisions. Questionable Business.

Product data can lose more than 15% of its accuracy, quality, and value as it is shared and updated. This leads to questionable data and, therefore, questionable business decisions. Discover how Product MDM solves these challenges.


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