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Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company

Stibo Systems'
Graduate Program

Beginning your career with Stibo Systems’ Graduate Program is the first step of an incredible journey. Gain new skills, master expertise, and use your insights to shape the company’s future during this year-long program.
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The 2024-25 application period opens in February.
Take the next step with Stibo Systems' Graduate Program

At Stibo Systems, we are dedicated to helping you grow your career and reach your professional goals. Our program provides a unique opportunity for you to build a comprehensive understanding of your field of interest through rotations in different roles within the same function. This hands-on approach allows you to try out different aspects of your chosen career path.

Career Paths


PDX (Gdansk - closed)
CMDM (Gdansk - closed)
PMDM (Aarhus/Copenhagen - closed)

Global Delivery

Professional Services, Technology Consulting (Aarhus - closed)
Global Delivery Operations (Reading - closed)
Global Support (Atlanta - closed)
Professional Services (Bogota - closed)

Global Sales

Marketing (Atlanta - closed)
Commercial Sales (Reading - closed)
Technical Sales (Reading - closed)
Technical Sales (Hamburg - closed)

Corporate Functions

Analytics & Insights (closed)
Sustainability & ESG (closed)
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Global Projects

Join your fellow graduates from around the world in making global projects. Showcase your skills and make a lasting impact as you collaborate. This is an opportunity to grow, learn and have fun with the other graduates while growing your network.

The global project for the graduate group 2022-2023 was to create visual content that effectively communicates the concept and significance of Stibo Systems and Master Data Management to nontechnical individuals.

Watch the videos to see the results!

What you'll get

In addition to gaining hands-on experience working with industry experts, you’ll acquire new skills by taking part in these development programs:

  • A mentor throughout the program
  • Workshop on the importance of coaching culture in business
  • Power of Critical Thinking workshop including 1:1 coaching
  • Your First STEP into Stibo Systems, 3-day initiation program, to get to know the other graduates and learn about the business
  • 12 months access to a virtual training platform
Who are you

All candidates must be fluent in English and have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with a focus on either IT, Computer Science, leadership or business. But that’s not all… To succeed in the program, you must be:

  • Curious and like to learn new things
  • Good at building relationships with people
  • Committed to getting things done
  • Resilient and have a lot of grit
  • A natural leader

Application Process

Step 1 Explore the various career paths. Select the one that aligns best with your interests and skills and apply via the links in the section above.
Step 2 Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so keep an eye out for an invite to a pre-recorded video interview.
Step 3 The assessment format will be a pre-recorded video interview, an interview with the hiring manager and People & Culture followed by a logic test.
Step 4 The last step is a second technical interview with the hiring manager and a representative from the team.

Not ready to apply yet? See FAQ.

1. What is the Stibo Systems Graduate Program?

2. What is Your First STEP into Stibo Systems?

3. Is the Graduate Program paid?

4. How many rotations will I have, and how long do they last?

5. Will I have a mentor?

6. What is expected of me as a graduate?

7. How much influence do I have on the job/tasks?

8. What is the main difference between the Graduate Program and a “normal position”?

9. Does the Graduate Program also include other Stibo Systems locations besides the corporate headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark?

10. Are there any language requirements?

11. What about my career after the graduate program?

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