Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company
Stibo Systems - The Master Data Management Company

Stibo Systems'
Graduate Program

Take the first step of your career and gain new skills, share your knowledge, and use your insights to shape our future during this program.

Our graduate program is temporarily powering down to give itself a makeover! We will come back stronger, faster, and smarter.
Hang tight, we'll be back before you know it with some awesome upgrades!

First steps matter!

Are you prepared to take the first steps in your career journey? Our graduate program is your chance to collaborate with various data minds, whether diving into exciting commercial, functional, or global projects. This program isn’t just about what you’ve learned in your studies – it’s a two-way street of sharing and learning with the best in the industry. This hands-on approach enables you to explore different facets of your chosen career path, making your initial steps impactful and meaningful. Are you ready to be a key player in challenging the status quo?

We welcome All Kinds of Data Minds!

Regardless of your educational background, you will join a diverse group of Data Minds as a Graduate at Stibo Systems.

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What's in it for you?

In addition to gaining hands-on experience working with industry experts, you will:

  • Get a mentor and a buddy throughout the program
  • Participate in your First STEP into Stibo Systems, a 3-day initiation program
  • Have access to the e-learning platform Udemy for Business

Application Process

Step 1 Explore the various career paths. Select the one that aligns best with your interests and skills.
Step 2 Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so keep an eye out for an invite to a pre-recorded video interview.
Step 3 The assessment format will be the pre-recorded video interview, the interview with the hiring manager and People & Culture followed by logical test(s).
Step 4 The last step is a second technical interview with the hiring manager and a representative from the team.

Not ready to apply yet? See FAQ.

1. What is the Stibo Systems Graduate Program?

2. What is Your First STEP into Stibo Systems?

3. Is the Graduate Program paid?

4. How many rotations will I have, and how long do they last?

5. Will I have a mentor?

6. What is expected of me as a graduate?

7. How much influence do I have on the job/tasks?

8. What is the main difference between the Graduate Program and a “normal position”?

9. Are there any language requirements?

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