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PDX Syndication

Complete solution for manufacturers and brands to manage, share and optimize product information and content to drive engagement and growth across all retail channels.
PDX Syndication

Great product data enables great retail product experiences. PDX Syndication is how you deliver it.

PDX Syndication: What it is, why you need it Getting rich, consistent, trusted product information to retailers, data pools and CSPs is critical to growing revenue. PDX Syndication enables your teams to deliver it. Click here to learn how PDX Syndication works and how it can help your product portfolio succeed.

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Attend a PDX Syndication information session PDX Syndication makes it simple to manage, share and monitor product data across all retail channels. Sign-up for an information session to learn how it works to speed item setup with The Home Depot or Army & Airforce Exchange.

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PDX Syndication customer success stories Manufacturers and brands worldwide rely on PDX Syndication to share product data and drive collaborative success with their retail partners. Find out what Klein Tools, Tiger Supplies and Caroline’s Treasures say about PDX Syndication.

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Engaging and selling to customers in a digital environment demands superior communication.

Manufacturers today sell their products through a wide variety of channels and sites they do not own or control. But they can strongly influence how their products are presented with accurate, updated product information and content. Ensuring success via the delivery of:

Superior experiences Superior experiences Delivery of complete, consistent, high-quality information and content enables customer-centric experiences. Collaborative trust Collaborative trust Rich, trustworthy brand information and content across all retail channels fuels strong, profitable relationships. Faster time to market Faster time to market When data moves quickly and confidently to meet retail partners' needs, products move fast, too.

For manufacturers and brand owners, sharing and keeping product data accurate and updated with retailers and distributors is critical to success. But getting it to the right place at the right time, in the right format, can be difficult because every recipient has unique tools, process and content requirements, which can even differ across their physical and digital channels.

PDX Syndication is built for this challenge, providing a complete, cost efficient way to share information with retailers, data pools and content service providers (CSPs). Using deep retail integrations and machine learning, PDX Syndication automates and simplifies the process of providing consistent, high-quality data to fuel engaging, profitable relationships with valued retail partners.

Attend a live information session to see how PDX Syndication enables you to share data to all retailers across all channels.
Product Data Syndication</br>to The Home Depot Product Data Syndication
to The Home Depot
Learn how to manage and deliver product information to The Home Depot from an easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard.

Product Data Syndication<br> to AAFES Product Data Syndication
Suppliers to the Army & Air Force Exchange Service now have an easier, and much faster way to onboard products to The Exchange.

On-Demand Webinar Leveraging PIM with Product Data Syndication to Master Channel Content for Sales Success - Featuring Forrester

Join Stibo Systems and guest speaker, George Lawrie, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, for a discussion about leveraging PIM, with integrated product data syndication, to master channel content for sales success.

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Collect data once, use everywhere. This sounds like a highly efficient approach to growing a business.

PDX Syndication powers success with a broad range of strategic and operational benefits.

icon_people_2c Better data + content = better experiences Accurate information enables personalized, customer-centric experiences and results.
icon_time_stopwatch_2c Rapid time-to-market/
the digital shelf
When product data moves with retail speed, products and cycle times do, too.
icon_touch_2c Right data, right format, right place, right time Collect, transform, validate and manage data to get it everywhere it’s needed.
icon_check_circle_2c Get it right the first
time, keep it that way
Scorecard tracks status, real-time feedback; automated updates across all channels, partners.
icon_handshake_2c Support collaboration while building brand Meet unique retail needs to create value and trust while improving control of content/brand.
icon_scale_2c Expand assortments, markets, channels Agility to drive growth, open new markets, build new channels, expand assortments.
icon_view_eye_2c Enable transparency, visibility and trust Improve product presentation, ensure compliance and engage end-customers.
icon_data_2c Reduce workload; drive speed, revenue Automate inefficient manual entry and processes; leverage insights to drive innovation/growth.

The fast, cost-effective way to syndicate product information and content to all retail partners.

Collect, transform, enrich, double-check and monitor product data and rich content with a single, intuitive, dedicated cloud-based app. Here’s how it works.

An easy to read dashboard provides visibility into all products and channels.

PDX Syndication’s dashboard provides users with a quick snapshot of  how many products are in each channel and what stage of the syndication process those products are in. Drill down further directly from the dashboard for further analysis and action.

Main dashboard.png
Capture and upload data quickly and map it to retailers’ unique, exact needs.
Capture and upload Collect and upload information and content in multiple ways including Excel and JSON or use the PDX API to connect directly to your upstream systems.
Map and transform Map data and transform it to match the retailer’s format and needs using a library of pre-built conversion tools.
product data syndication - map and upload data
Validate data in real-time, then enrich and augment it as needed.
Validate Get insight on data readiness and completeness. Get feedback about retailers’ categories, lists of values, data types, and business rules. Reduce back and forth communication and enable required corrective action.
Enrich and augment Add data and details to match retailers’ standards and validation rules. Transformation rules enable automated updates across product lines.
product data syndication - validate data
Correct for compliance, then publish and share updates everywhere needed.
Update to meet requirements Get instant, automated feedback when retailers’ requirements or rules change, empowering you to update and validate it to maintain compliance and keep products moving.
Publish and share Automatically send or receive accurate validated data and content using appropriate channel standards and protocols. Retail integrations keep information updated and relationships strong.
product data syndication - ensure compliance and publish
After initial delivery, monitor and improve your content for ongoing success.

PDX Syndication’s unique monitoring tools allow you to track and review data quality and ensure retail partners are using the most up-to-date information and content across all channels. Gain visibility and insight into product presentation and performance, expand assortments and drive collaborative success.


Recently added functionality


Create and configure channels to meet your unique needs

Manufacturers that syndicate to many retail partners can build configured channels to meet a retailer’s unique needs. PDX Syndication’s flexible UI allows the creation of requirements, attributes and validation rules. In addition to spreadsheet outputs, a templating engine enables configurable XML/JSON outputs.


Create stronger connections to retail partners with digital catalogs

A digital catalog provides a new way to share high-volume, authorized content, featuring the ability to push specific product data to selected retailers in an online catalog. This builds stronger, more collaborative relationships while simplifying the process of sharing product information to predefined, high-value channels.


Find out more about how PDX Syndication drives collaborative success.

PDX Syndication for Manufacturers and Brands Share product data that conforms to every retailer’s unique standards or channel requirements using a single, simple cloud-based solution. Get the Solution Sheet
Get products to market faster: The benefits of PDX Syndication for manufacturers Manufacturers need to speed time-to-market and keep product quality up, while meeting retailers’ demands for quality content that enhances the CX. Read the Blog Post
PDX Syndication with Product MDM Drive growth by easily syndicating data throughout your value chain with an integrated solution ideal for organizations that need to share content that conforms to specific data standards or channel requirements. Get the Solution Sheet
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A cloud-based app to share data to all channels.

We’re constantly adding channels and partners to open new markets and opportunities for our customers, including The Home Depot, Amazon and many more.
10 Markets
5 Markets
* Configured Channel
THE PERFECT PARTNER FOR PIM/MDM PDX Syndication is an ideal replacement for your existing solution. It’s even more powerful partnered with PIM.

Manufacturers currently relying on spreadsheets will find cloud-based PDX Syndication a perfect upgrade to meet their evolving needs. Those using PIM will find it to be easy to integrate, taking product information management to a new level.

PDX Syndication is already seamlessly built into Stibo Systems Product MDM/PIM solution, enabling manufacturers to deliver consistent, high-quality product data formatted to meet retailers’ unique requirements. Learn more about maximizing the value of product information and content to drive growth.

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product data syndication with product master data management from Stibo Systems

Enabled by Stibo Systems Product Data Exchange, a plug-and-play platform for product information success.

The exchange of product data between manufacturers and retailers can be inconsistent and complex. Spreadsheets can be inaccurate, data portals hard to learn, CSPs limited in reach and GDSN limited to certain product segments. Keeping pace in digital commerce demands an easier, more accessible approach. This was the inspiration for Product Data Exchange (PDX), a powerful platform supporting the collaborative exchange of accurate, updated information, regardless of data format or requirements.


Access to Product Data Exchange (PDX) is enabled by two complementary, integrated solutions, serving the needs of unique, interconnected audiences and industries.

PDX Syndication PDX Syndication enables manufacturers and brand owners to automate the sharing of accurate, authoritative, channel-optimized product data and content – uploaded from spreadsheets, or from PIM or Product MDM – and customize it to the unique needs or requirements of their retail partners.

Product Data Exchange Stibo Systems Product Data Exchange (PDX) is a platform for sharing product information, connecting manufacturers that need to provide data, and retailers and marketplaces that need to onboard and receive it, in order to facilitate mutual, collaborative success. PDX Onboarding PDX Onboarding gives retailers and distributors the functionality to easily broadcast their unique data and content requirements to their trading partners and suppliers, enabling them to more efficiently onboard detailed, category specific product information to shorten time-to-shelf.


Unlock the power of information through better data management.

logo_carolines-treasures_white Caroline’s Treasures relies on Stibo Systems PDX Syndication to transform and push data as quickly as required, posting thousands of products within minutes to all of their retailers. Read the Success Story logo_Klein-tools Manufacturer of hand tools for professional tradespeople adds PDX Syndication to PIM to manage the flow of data, speed time to market and deliver a superior experience with their exclusive big box retail partner. Read the Success Story logo_tiger-supplies_white1 Manufacturer and retailer of surveying products and accessories accelerates growth across multiple retail categories using Stibo Systems PDX Syndication. Read the Success Story
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