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Sustainability Data Management

Sustainability Data Cards offer an easy way to manage sustainability data and support compliance with ESG standards.​
Sustainability compliance is facing the same level of scrutiny as financial compliance.

Collecting and managing data for sustainability reporting can be challenging. Sustainability data is scattered across many sources, and the number of reporting standards, assessments, disclosures and certifications is daunting. There are already more than 600 standards for companies, products, processes and partners, and existing standards are subject to change.

Sustainability Data Cards are a configurable solution that gives you the flexibility to adjust your sustainability requirements quickly and enable you to respond to new requirements efficiently.


How Sustainability Data Cards work

By applying master data discipline to sustainability data, you can create a sustainability profile for your business in order to meet your compliance and reporting requirements. The Sustainability Data Card is a framework within Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) that pulls together your master data and your assessment criteria into one view.

The data card allows you to see exactly how a particular product is performing against certain standards. Your product data and the sustainability requirements you are measured against are linked in the data card to provide you with a single view of managed sustainability data without overloading your core product information with dozens of additional attributes. Learn more in this solution sheet.

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Master Data Management
Continue to use your Master Data Management (MDM) solution for onboarding, governing and sharing product, supplier, customer, location and other master data.
Sustainability Data Card
Combine selected product information with relevant sustainability data in a single view.
Sustainability frameworks and standards
Evaluate against standards and compliance regulations and create and maintain the relevant assessments for your products, materials, suppliers, etc.
Functions and benefits of Sustainability Data Cards
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“In 2022, environmental sustainability became a top 10 business priority for the first time ever, with 9% of the respondents naming it as one of their top three.”
*Gartner, “CEO Survey: Sustainability and ESG Become Enduring Change”, Kristin Moyer, Simon Mingay, Sarah Watt, Mark Raskino, May 6, 2022.
GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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oatly_white Watch the video to learn more about Oatly's ambitious ESG strategy, the role master data management plays in achieving it, as well as their future plans for sustainability. logo_osram_white How one manufacturer moved away from traditional PIM and ecommerce to MDM for machinery and equipment. sonepar-logo-white Sonepar Canada selected a Multidomain MDM solution and as a result, it effectively manages more data and increases data accuracy without incurring additional costs.

Why Stibo Systems Master Data Management

Automation & simplification Automation & simplification
Integrate with sustainability data sources and providers. Reduce effort to collect and maintain sustainability data. Create a single central source of sustainability data to fuel ESG reports and disclosures.
Governance Governance
Work with defined models and emerging standards. Make sustainability data an integral part of everyday processes. Apply robust data and process governance, approval workflows and stewardship.
Integrations Integrations
Ingest third-party data to enrich your supplier profiles from business rating agencies, such as EcoVadis, SupplyShift and D&B ESG Intelligence, and append your supplier sustainability profiles with authorized data to identify ESG risks and evaluate suppliers for ESG compliance.


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