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Sustainability Data Management

Evidence your ESG performance and mitigate risk in the supply chain with a foundation of governed and approved, trusted sustainability data.
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Why sustainability matters

There is an urgent need for big business – the largest influencers of economies, society and consumers of our planet’s natural resources – to act now on sustainability initiatives. Corporations have a financial imperative to act: sustainability performance is impacting revenue.

Organizations are increasingly being required to record and evidence their actions in support of their sustainability claims. To provide that evidence, transparent data is needed and must be shared with investors, trading partners, customers, business rating agencies, various ESG reports and regulators.

Beyond business necessity, data transparency will become an inevitable requirement in giving customers the opportunity to make more informed choices.

Greenwashing – being misleading about how a company’s products are more environmentally sound – will not be tolerated. Failing to back up sustainability claims with hard data will lead to lawsuits, fines, reputational damage, investor withdrawal and lack of consumer trust.

Regulatory & capital markets
Regulatory demands from governments, economic trade unions, investors and third parties are growing and evolving at a fast pace.
Brand reputation
Brands and organizations differentiate themselves from the competition with social and environmental actions. ESG ratings are now an important factor in vendor/supplier selection.
Consumer satisfaction
Consumers' choices are increasingly influenced by the sustainability footprint of the products and services they consume, often driving complete change to business models. 
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“In 2022, environmental sustainability became a top 10 business priority for the first time ever, with 9% of the respondents naming it as one of their top three.”
*Gartner®, CEO Survey: Sustainability and ESG Become Enduring Change

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The problem of managing sustainability data

The vast array of sustainability reporting standards and certifications makes it a complex and error-prone process – with significant consequences – to manage and govern the collection and reporting of sustainability data.

The 600-plus standards that exist today are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind many of these standards are subcategories and sector-specific processes.


Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), for example, is one standard with more than 77 different industries and over 30 disclosure statements in each document. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is another standard that operates across more than 140 different topics.

The number of permutations of standards grows very large, as does the amount of data required.

problem of managing sustainability data
Four green benefits of Master Data Management
Control of the supply chain
Control of the supply chain
Data-based reporting
Data-based reporting
Transparency and insight
Transparency and insight
No greenwashing
No greenwashing

Manage sustainability data using Stibo Systems Master Data Management

Make it easy to validate performance, manage compliance and serve data for ESG reporting: Use our master data management solution to build your sustainability profile.
Trusted single source of data Trusted single source of data
Access all the relevant data in one place with a flexible open data model and data quality processes embedded
Easy data sharing Easy data sharing
Manage large data volumes, complex relationships and hierarchies to support multiple ESG reports and stakeholders
Robust data governance Robust data governance
Apply data stewardship, workflow and approval for onboarding suppliers, enriching product information and tracking KPIs
Proven sustainability claims Proven sustainability claims
Access trusted, qualitative and complete master data to prove how you are reducing impact
STIBO SYSTEMS MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT Apply master data discipline to sustainability data

Collating and curating a large amount of data is a problem that Stibo Systems Master Data Management (MDM) is designed to solve. Sustainability data is no different. Integrating sustainability attributes into Stibo Systems MDM allows you to reap the benefits of applying master data disciplines to sustainability data.

Stibo Systems MDM has all the capability needed to actively consolidate, cleanse, govern, relate and share sustainability master data. Simply configure your data model to capture sustainability attributes, ESG reporting frameworks, and build a sustainability profile for your products, locations and suppliers.

Whether you are collecting evidence for UNSDG or SASB reports, creating a Digital Product Passport or fact checking new suppliers as you onboard them, use the flexible data model, hierarchies and process governance of the MDM platform to ensure transparent, trusted and unequivocal data.

Everything an ESG Leader Needs to Know about Sustainability Data Management
sustainability master data management
TOGETHER ON THE SAME JOURNEY Stibo Systems’ CSR & ESG commitment​

At Stibo Systems, we endeavour to deliver on our motto of “better data, better business, better world.”

We are taking the same steps as our customers to ensure we are a responsible organization and take actions which are most efficient and beneficial to the surrounding environment and diverse communities. We will plant a tree for every one of our new customers and employees, to symbolise growth and development.

Learn more about Stibo Systems CSR.

Stibo Systems CSR and ESG Commitment

Why Stibo Systems Master Data Management

Automation & simplification Automation & simplification
Integrate with sustainability data sources and providers. Reduce effort to collect and maintain sustainability data. Create a single central source of sustainability data to fuel ESG reports and disclosures.
Governance Governance
Work with defined models and emerging standards. Make sustainability data an integral part of everyday processes. Apply robust data and process governance, approval workflows and stewardship.
Transparency Transparency
Connect sustainability data to where it can drive value. Generate a 360-degree view of performance and compliance of sustainability.
Integration with third-party data providers Integration with third-party data providers
Ingest third-party data to enrich your supplier profiles from business rating agencies, such as EcoVadis, SupplyShift and D&B ESG Intelligence, and append your supplier sustainability profiles with authorized data to identify ESG risks and evaluate suppliers for ESG compliance.


Let's talk about how master data management can bring data transparency to your business with an easy and scalable solution.
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