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Supplier Master Data Management

Improve supplier relationship management by quickly onboarding, managing and controlling supplier master data for a single and transparent view across the end-to-end supply chain.
Supplier Master Data Management (Supplier MDM)

Unleash the power of your supplier data.

Understanding the value of supplier relationships can be a challenge with information stored in multiple databases and applications across various business units and regions. Without a 360° view of your supplier ecosystem, inefficient data management processes, blind spots about supplier performance and missed opportunities often occur. Your risk of reputational damage also increases from a lack of compliance and performance by your suppliers.

Stibo Systems Supplier Master Data Management (Supplier MDM) enables you to centralize and proactively govern supplier and product data for greater savings and efficiencies. Accelerate onboarding, mitigate risk and increase product assortments by leveraging Supplier MDM to create a single, trustworthy view of your suppliers and their products and enable greater transparency across the entire supply chain.

Video Increase data transparency across your supply chain with Supplier MDM

Without a 360-degree view of your supplier ecosystem, it can be difficult and time-consuming to track spending and supplier performance. Learn how Stibo Systems Supplier MDM enables you to centralize and proactively govern supplier and product data for greater savings, efficiency and customer confidence.

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Support multiple departments, teams and geographies by bringing together information about suppliers and their products.

Improved efficiency with supplier master data management Improved efficiency Reduce supplier qualification and onboarding time with a supplier self-service capability
A single source of truth with supplier master data management A single source of truth Fuel applications with complete, accurate and trustworthy supplier and product data
Faster time to market with supplier master data management Faster time to market Drive new sales by expanding suppliers’ product assortments via automated workflows
Reduced data management costs with supplier master data management Reduced data management costs Minimize risk and ensure compliance with automated data governance processes
Increased business agility with supplier master data management Increased business agility Adapt quickly to changes or disruptions with improved supplier sourcing and collaboration
Improved visibility with supplier master data management Improved visibility Monitor performance and understand supplier value with centrally managed supplier data
Gain a single, trusted view of supplier information.
Accelerate Onboarding Accelerate Onboarding Increase product assortments and grow online sales by onboarding new suppliers and products faster, while ensuring data compliance. Increase Visibility Increase Visibility Improve supply chain planning and track performance of suppliers and new product offerings, identifying alternate suppliers as needed. Minimize Risk Minimize Risk Ensure on-time deliveries and product quality while monitoring for supplier fraud, non-compliance and changes to prices, markets and taxes.

Maximize the value of your supplier relationships with Supplier Master Data Management.

Global supplier onboarding

Reduce data management costs by efficiently onboarding new suppliers and full product catalogs and merging supplier accounts with automated workflows and standardized processes.

Supplier Master Data Management - Global supplier onboarding
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Single supplier view

Deliver a complete and trusted view of suppliers and sub-suppliers across all channels and digital touchpoints by sharing supplier and associated product data with business units, procurement teams and regional offices across the enterprise.

Supplier Master Data Management - Single supplier view
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Self-service data management

Improve onboarding and ongoing maintenance of supplier information by enabling suppliers to update their own master data.

Self-service data management
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Data quality and governance

Improve the bottom line by centrally managing supplier data and associated product information while ensuring consistent data quality standards.

Supplier Master Data Management - Data quality and governance
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Risk management

Mitigate procurement, compliance and supply chain risks by streamlining contract lifecycle management, ensuring data meets corporate and regulatory requirements, and monitoring supplier scorecards.

Supplies Master Data Management - Risk Management
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SUCCESS STORY Sonepar Canada

To support its digital transformation initiatives, Sonepar Canada selected Stibo Systems Multidomain Master Data Management (Multidomain MDM) for its supplier, product and customer data domains. Today, it leverages a single version of the truth for recording and reporting product information. This helps Sonepar Canada negotiate with suppliers, improve customer service, lower costs and increase sales.

Sonepar Canada Case study - supplier master data management
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