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Supplier Master Data Management Solution

Quickly onboard, manage and govern supplier master data to gain a single, transparent view of supplier information across the supply chain.
Maximize the value of your relationships with supplier data management

Stibo Systems Supplier Master Data Management (also known as Supplier MDM or SMDM) enables you to accelerate the activation of new supplier relationships, creating a single, trustworthy view of your suppliers and their products for greater savings and efficiencies.

It supports procurement teams by speeding up the onboarding of supplier and product data, mitigating risk management challenges, increasing product assortments and supporting supply chain resilience

gain a single, trusted view of supplier information across the enterprise with supplier master data management
VIDEO: SUPPLIER MDM Increase supply chain data transparency

Without a 360° view of your supplier ecosystem, it can be difficult and time-consuming to track spending and supplier performance. Discover how to centralize and proactively govern supplier and product data for greater data management cost savings, efficiency and customer confidence with Supplier MDM.

This holistic approach aids in decision-making by providing a comprehensive data record and dataset of supplier activities.

Video increase supply chain data transparency with supplier master data management
MDM ROI Calculator Put a figure on the return on your data management investment

Data management projects are hard to quantify. There is great financial value to be gained from improving data quality and automating data processes. But how do you estimate it?

The ROI Calculator can help you build your business case for a supplier master data management solution by quantifying savings and efficiencies essential for sound decision making.

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ROI Calculator for Supplier Master Data Management

Gain a single, trusted view of your suppliers with supplier information management

Having a single source of truth supports supply chain resilience by enabling multiple departments, teams and geographies to bring together information about suppliers and their products. This effort supports key business processes and ensures regulatory compliance.
Supplier onboarding
Supplier onboarding
single supplier view
Single supplier view
self-service capability
Self-service capability
data quality and data governance
Data quality & governance
supplier compliance
Supplier compliance

Customer references you can trust

Unlock the power of supplier information through better data management.
Saint Gobain Saint-Gobain Distribution fuels its digital transformation with Multidomain MDM, resulting in enhanced supplier integration, higher data quality and actionable insights into business processes. Siplec SIPLEC dramatically improves data quality for the benefit of its customers and suppliers. It uses Multidomain MDM to streamline internal business processes and create and exchange quality data for products. Sonepar Sonepar Canada leverages Multidomain MDM to effectively manage its supplier, product and customer data and increase data accuracy, without incurring additional costs. 

Why Stibo Systems Supplier
Master Data Management

Accelerate<br> onboarding


Increase product assortments and grow ecommerce sales by onboarding new suppliers and products faster, while ensuring data compliance.
Increase <br>visibility


Improve supply chain planning and track performance of suppliers and new product offerings, identifying alternate suppliers as needed.
Minimize<br> risk


Ensure on-time deliveries and product quality while monitoring for supplier fraud, non-compliance and changes to prices, markets and taxes.


Let's talk about how master data management can bring data transparency to your business with an easy and scalable solution.