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Item Setup at The Home Depot
Faster, Easier Throughput and Improved Insight

The Home DepotChoose the most experienced vendor when it comes to item data onboarding at The Home Depot. Work with an ISO-27001 certified global organization, ensuring your data is properly managed.

Stibo Systems PDX Syndication is the simple, fast, and cost-effective way for manufacturers and brands to share and update product data with The Home Depot and all your other retailer partners.

Dealing with quick-sheets and the IDM portal can be a challenge. PDX Syndication provides an easier way to deal with packaging hierarchies and super-skus. Delivers deep insight into the setup process and immediate feedback with buyer notes. PDX tools allow you monitor both product content health, and the ability to compare the data you have sent with what is displayed on

WEBINAR Item Setup at The Home Depot – The Easy Way

There is a new easier and faster way to set up items at The Home Depot - a solution jointly developed by The Home Depot and Stibo Systems and used by vendors and data brokers around the world. PDX Syndication helps your team quickly and easily gather, manage, publish, and monitor products which meet the exact Home Depot quality expectations. Less friction with the item data and buying teams directly translates to faster throughput, more volume, earlier selling and increased profits. Learn more about the PDX Syndication connection to The Home Depot in a compressed 30-minute overview.

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Item Setup at The Home Depot – The Easy Way
Manage, share, and monitor your product data with retailers and marketplaces such as Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair, Amazon, and all your retailer partners.

Make use of state-of-the-art automation and integration capabilities:


Fast, automated delivery of product, product family, and packaging hierarchy information.


Item status monitoring and online data comparisons. Get a side-by-side view of your content compared to what is displayed on


Faster item setup allowing for greater throughput


Automatic updates to The Home Depot data standards so you always deliver the right information


Deep visibility into the Home Depot internal workflow steps so you know exactly where you are in the setup process


Immediate feedback on errors reducing the back-and-forth

To learn more, register for the Home Depot channel webinar.
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An easy to read dashboard provides visibility into all products and channels.

PDX Syndication’s dashboard provides users with a quick snapshot of how many products are in each channel and what stage of the syndication process those products are in. Drill down further directly from the dashboard for further analysis and action.

Main dashboard.png
Capture and upload data quickly and map it to retailers’ unique, exact needs.
Capture and upload Collect and upload information and content in multiple ways including Excel and JSON or use the PDX API to connect directly to your upstream systems.
Map and transform Map data and transform it to match the retailer’s format and needs using a library of pre-built conversion tools.
Mapping - website and sharepoint-optimized
Validate data in real-time, then enrich and augment it as needed.
Validate Get insight on data readiness and completeness. Get feedback about retailers’ categories, lists of values, data types, and business rules. Reduce back and forth communication and enable required corrective action.
Enrich and augment Add data and details to match retailers’ standards and validation rules. Transformation rules enable automated updates across product lines.
Statuses - website and sharepoint-optimized
Correct for compliance, then publish and share updates everywhere needed.
Update to meet requirements Get instant, automated feedback when retailers’ requirements or rules change, empowering you to update and validate it to maintain compliance and keep products moving.
Publish and share Automatically send or receive accurate validated data and content using appropriate channel standards and protocols. Retail integrations keep information updated and relationships strong.
Submission - Website and Sharepoint-optimized
After initial delivery, monitor and improve your content for ongoing success.

PDX Syndication’s unique monitoring tools allow you to track and review data quality and ensure retail partners are using the most up-to-date information and content across all channels. Gain visibility and insight into product presentation and performance, expand assortments and drive collaborative success.

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