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Product Data Syndication

The simple, fast, cost-effective way for manufacturers and brands to share and update product data with retailers, data pools and content service providers.

Product Data Syndication
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Drive growth and improve time to value with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud-based PDS solution.

For manufacturers and brand owners, sharing and keeping product data accurate and updated with retailers and distributors is essential to their success. But getting it to the right place at the right time, and keeping it up-to-date, can be difficult because every recipient has unique requirements and formats, which can even differ across both physical and digital channels.
Stibo Systems’ Product Data Syndication (PDS) is built for this challenge, providing an easy, affordable way to share information with retailers, data pools, content service providers (CSPs) and data recipients that are important to your business. Using deep retail integrations and machine learning, PDS provides consistent, high-quality data that fuels engaging, trusted relationships between brands and their traditional and online retail partners.

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Manage, maintain and share product information across all channels using a single, flexible cloud-based app.

Easy to read dashboard that provides visibility to all your channels.

The dashboard provides users with a quick snapshot of  how many products are in each channel and what stage of the syndication process those products are in. Drill down further directly from the dashboard for further analysis and action.

Capture and upload your data and map it to retailers’ needs.
Upload Upload data in multiple existing formats (XLS, XML, CSV and JSON). Connect via data feed, third party API or use PDS’ API to build custom connections.
Map Map unmodified native data and instantly transform it to match retailers’ structure/requirements with one click. It can then be saved and reused or easily updated as needed.
Validate data in real time, then enrich and augment it.
Validate Get analytics and insight on data readiness – using retailers’ categories, lists of values, data types and business rules – and feedback for immediate corrective action.
Enrich Add data and detail to match retailers’ standards and validation rules. An intuitive UI ensures matching requirements. Transformation rules automate updates across product lines.
Correct for compliance, then publish and share updates.
Requirements Receive instant feedback updating you when retailers’ requirements or rules change, empowering you to update and validate it to maintain compliance and keep products moving.
Publish and share Automatically send or receive accurate validated data using appropriate channel standards and protocols. Retail integrations keep information updated and relationships strong.

Find out more about how Product Data Syndication drives collaborative success.

Product Data Syndication with Product MDM for Retailers and Distributors Drive agility and efficiency with a fully integrated solution for onboarding content and data that meets retailers’ unique data standards and requirements. Get the Solution Sheet
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Product MDM with integrated PDS PDS is already accessible to users of Stibo Systems’ Product MDM and Product MDM for Retail solutions.

Share, syndicate or onboard product information and content using Product Data Syndication, which is directly integrated into the PMDM interface.


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Map, validate and syndicate your product data with PDS Connector for Home Depot, Walmart and many more.

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PDS is directly accessible from within Stibo Systems’ Product MDM solution. Those not using PMDM can use the stand-alone web application and choose from a variety of plans designed for the needs of organizations of all sizes.
Free Trial The fastest way to get products online with retailers like The Home Depot and Walmart.

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